iPhone 6 iOS 13 When it Get Obsoleted

Apple iOS update it varies to device to device there is certain timeframe where Apple Provides Major iOS updates to its iDevices so far Apple mostly give update to its iPad, iPhone’s and iPod Where’s the iOS 13 is the last Major iOS Update and We are Looking Forward for iPhone 6 iOS 13 update


Did You Know that it Doesn’t mean iOS 13 was a Major iOS update but really it available to All

Answer is “No”

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iOS 13 Compatible iDevices

So, iOS 13 is running to starting from 6s up to iPhone 11 Max Pro as of now so if you want to get iOS 13 so you iPhone that runs iOS 13 but iPhone 6 is not running iOS 13 due there is many reasons before we go in deep

List of iPhone’s Running iOS 13

iPhone 6s

iPhone 7,7 Plus

iPhone 8, 8 Plus

iPhone X,Xr,XS, XS Max

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPhone SE 2nd Gen

These iPhone’s are compatible for the iOS 13 update

If we looked out the list we can’t find out iPhone 6 is due iOS 12 is the last update from Apple but There is no iOS 13 yet received form and I thought it won’t available in future also but why there is no iOS 13 for the iPhone 6 so far also iPhone 5s also not in the list however it also compatible for iOS 12

Reasons Why iPhone 6 not Getting iOS 13

iOS 12 iPhone 6

I Know You Wondering to Know Why iPhone 6 is not getting iOS 13 as I also use it where the iPhone 6 getting stuck to iOS 12.4.6 as of now there is certain reasons why 6s eligible for iOS 13 and 6 not

Two Reasons Behind it

Firstly’ Firmware itself not compatible for iOS 13 Update due the reason iOS 12 fit best on it I don’t know how many of you experience lags on iOS 12 but believe me it lags sometimes and

secondly which is the main reason Apple Provide update to iPhone’s mostly up 4 to 5 years which means if you looked out iPhone 5s launch in 2013 and last support iOS 12 in 2018 about almost 5 years Apple provided update when it comes to iPhone 6 launched at 2014 and last update iOS 12 similarly to iPhone 5s

So, it obvious to not getting iOS 13 to due to its getting old but it doesn’t listed in Apple obsolete even iPhone 5s but Including 3Gs, 4, 4s and 5 are listed in obsolete

When iPhone 6 Getting Obsolete

Apple Provided update to iPhone, iPad and iPod as long as up to 4 to 5 years update after the software updates are no longer available even the sales are discontinued by Apple as you can’t purchase some iPhone’s as new but you can get it refurbished version

However few Markets Where you Get Discontinued Products still on sale like iPhone 6S as of now where the sold but it discontinued by Apple in 2016

I Know you want to know When the iPhone 6 is getting so answer is simple here obsolete products are generally where sales are discontinued more than 7 years ago so on we can expect that iPhone 6 is getting obsolete in 2022 or 2023

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