iPhone 5s Will Get iOS 13 here is Reality

iPhone 5s Will Get iOS 13 here is Reality

iPhone 5s which is nowadays getting an older device right now however people still use and why not to use it still capable to things which probably not so bad this days and lack of screen size is tiny were is we really supposed to worry but how to forget the iPhone 5s which running iOS 12 smoothly so it been really nice and we need to appreciate the developers they done great job but really do iPhone 5s will get iOS 13
as we know that iPhone to old as current iPhone X Gen Running iOS 12 there is no doubt for the update of iOS 13 because of the latest hardware and also they are pretty much work smother then the older iPhone’s like iPhone 5s, SE

Reality of the iOS 12 update

iOS 12.3.1

You know that iPhone 5s running smoothly iOS 12 but really it runs or not if you still it you will better know that do doubt that it runs iOS 12 but it seems not so bad but still it heat to much not even stop here it low battery performance were very disappointing and most of apps run smooth but still it lags

Did You Know that iOS 12 features are missing on iPhone 5s

When the iOS 12 update announced I don’t expect that iPhone 5s will get the iOS 12 update luckily iOS 12 now running on iPhone 5s but when it comes to iOS 12 update were few features were we are not get on it like AR emoji and Depth control
So here it we need to know that due hardware limitations this feature not available to the iPhone 5s and due of hardware limitation and having to old might be iOS 13 won’t be available to iPhone 5s so still confusing lets see whats happens 
At the end
We here is to know that iPhone 5s owners still have access of the most of the app store apps and it really good for the iPhone 5s owners and apple will not provide future iOS update due providing update past 5 years 
hope you understand iPhone 5s iOS 13 update reality  
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