iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s Which Best in 2020

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s Which Best in 2020

iPhone 5 is released back at 2012 with iOS 6 and one of the best part of this iPhone which comes with a large screen that comes first in iPhone lineup but before iPhone’s comes with small screens such as iPhone 3Gs, 4 and 4s In This post we tell you about iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s

many people you and me still have these devices and we using it now days as well

Overall Specification of iPhone 5 and 5s

Last updated 2020iPhone 5 Specification iPhone 5s Specification
Year of Release20122013
Screen Size4 inch4 inch
Network Supports2G,3G,4G2G,3G,4G
CHIP InsideA6A7
Current Version10.3.412.4.8
BatteryLi-Po 1440Li-Po 1560
Back Camera 8MP8MP
Front Camera1.2Mp1.2MP
Years Old8 Years7 Years

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Why iPhone 5s Powerful than iPhone 5

iPhone 5s really faster than the iPhone and its oboius it has to be due its running on A7 Soc that makes iPhone 5s more powerful than iPhone 5 with its A6 Soc

one of the core difference that make iPhone 5s special first smartphone that comes with 64 bit SoC that plays huge part

Is iPhone 5,5s Useful in 2020

It comes to everyone’s mind that was it useful or waste in 2020 may be mine experince won’t meet other peoples but reality is even in now is super usefull in my opinion

While both these iPhone have different in terms of specs one is running iOS 10.3.4 and other running on iOS 12.4.8 here’s the things is matters which is usability of coursed these iPhone’s to old however its Dam! Good

Factors that makes these iPhone’s usable

Note: Most of still own this devices and i don’t think you use it as primary but few use it for primary purpose still

Which Super useful iOS 10.3.4 vs 12.4.8

iPhone 5 iOS 10 vs iPhone 5s iOS 12

In My Experience what i got after using this even in 2020 the thing that i like about both iPhone’s that both of them are super useful even in 2020 You can still click photos, download apps, Web Search everything working fine and you expect decent performance from both

Still i can get these Devices

I don’t think you should go for this device due its to old and don’t purchased it recommended at all in 2020 but if you have these devices or borrowed form someone or purchased even in 2020 than i don’t it will last longer to you

iPhone 5 no doubt useful how long i don’t know But, if you have iPhone 5s which runs iOS 12.4.8 which is still good for normal lite usage for calling, messaging and emails


My Intension is not force you to buy theses old iPhone’s which i don’t think good but for me i just want to let you know experience after using this iPhone and believe me its still useful now who knows future have the same so

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