Is iPhone 5 Worth in 2021 Let’s Find Out

iPhone 5 is 32 bit Powered iPhone Where the iOS 10.3.4 is last update and there is no iOS 11 for iPhone 5 due iOS 11 is running perfectly on 64 Bit iPhone’s such as iPhone 5s and later iPhone’s 6,6s,7 and 7 Plus

In the case of iPhone 5 which is stuck at iOS 10 and really what if You have iPhone 5 is still worth in 2021 to use 

As iPhone with last iOS version is quite slow as compare with the previous iOS version that runs earlier on iPhone’s so it obvious performance quite degrade as of now it running iOS 10 with comes with some advantage and we can’t hide its problems

Things You Need to Know about iPhone 5

iPhone 5 which is the first iPhone that comes with 4G connectivity where’s previous iPhone including iPhone 4s,4 runs on 3G and however later iPhone’s are came with the 4G connectivity still there is no 5G supported iPhone yet unveiled by iPhone


Future iPhone’s will run 5G connectivity for sure moreover that first iPhone to have 4 inch of screen with new charging port that we call lightning port which is far better from Dock Connector nowadays

Lightning V/s Dock

Good about iPhone 5

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Big Screen

As iPhone 5 is about 4 inch big which is far better then the iPhone 4s,4 were screen are tiny 3.5 inch so you get extra row of apps comparing iPhone 4s,4 so it Good to have due is far better then tiny screen


Camera is average but power to record 1080P video through it which still records good quality of video which is ok and can’t compare with current generation of iPhone’s due today’s iPhone are revamped with new features such as night sight and 4K recoding so on it overall good for day to day use


Apps are still can be Installed due its support iOS 10 and apps store apps are supported iOS 10 so you can still installed apps on your iPhone 5 which is great deal and again far better from iPhone 4s which is stuck at iOS 9.3.6

Battery Usage

Battery usage in this iPhone quite good but battery depends upon the health and usage of the battery so this iPhone not bad at all even in 2021 or you can see worse if your battery health quite low so on

Overall Usage

Honestly iPhone 5 is Good to use to day to day and we can’t expect a flagship kind of performance from it but surly it won’t disappoint you in day to day usage but you can experience degrade performance due it running last compatible iOS 10.3.4 overall it is far better using an iPhone 4s nowdays

Future of iPhone 5

When is comes future possibility how iPhone 5 will survive so its clear that it you can use it as usual for day to day to purpose but there few things that might changed in future which not effect right now but coming in future we can experienced it so what are those issue’s

Heat Issues

Heat Issues are common with the older iPhone so on it doesn’t limited to iPhone 5 even in older iPhone’s have same issue due it getting old and apps and games are design to work perfect on Latest iPhone

Poor Performance

New iPhone’s give Good Performance while but after getting iOS update iPhone’s performance degrade a certain point which is last version of any iPhone such as iPhone 4 at iOS 7, iPhone 4s at 9.3.6

No More iOS update

There is no update in future and iOS 10 is the last update for due its buggy so we can’t expect for the iOS 11 as firmware itself not capable to get iOS 11

No New Features

it lacks of many new features that currently available to new iPhone’s such as Dark Mode, Night Sight, Memoji etc and this features only limited to latest iPhone’s

At the end

iPhone 5 have the all that basic things that we can say it still usable

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