iPhone 4s in 2019 Can Battle With iOS 10 or Later

iPhone 4s is released back at October 14, 2011 is about to old now in 2019 but good things is that we still have iPhone 4s in our pocket and you can’t ignore people still love using it however it getting older

When it comes now in 2019 you know that iPhone’s are way more faster and reliable then the older iPhone’s such as iPhone 3Gs, 4 and the iPhone 4s but What if you use iPhone 4s in 2019

Did We Still Use it

Use iPhone 4s

Yes, We Use iPhone 4s now You need to Know that iPhone 4s still capable to do things and I totally agree there is problems with iPhone 4s and using it in 2019 Can be Good or Bad so, it totally depends upon you how you use it

Already have iPhone 4s or if you are planning spend time iPhone 4s Then You Need know about the its overall performance in nowdays and In This post we cover things are good and bad about the iPhone 4s so Jump in

Overall Specification

iPhone 4s

Display 3.50 inch

Processor 800 MHz Dual Core

RAM 512 MB

Storage 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

Things are Good About it

Awkward Man

When I Looked to iPhone 4s I Remember about Siri

Siri : Did You Know about Apple’s Siri which is assistant by the way and can help you with a saying ok siri way back it launched in app store but unfortunately later it was removed form the Apple’s App store but good things it launched with iPhone 4s in 2011

Tiny Body : Tiny Body it has and due that it can easily fit to one hand and can able to use with one hand small pocket friendly phones you can expect with the iPhone 4s

Camera : Can You Imagine a tiny iPhone 4s capable to record 1080p video from it 8MP of back camera but only limited to 30fps which is not bad actually due iPhone 4 and previous iPhone cannot record at 1080p

Normal Usage : Those who don’t want use it roughly as they need only to call, SMS, WhatsApp and normal browsing Experience and you can expect with iPhone 4s

Compatibility apps : if you are not be able to download apps over iOS 9.3.5 you can download older version of iOS Apps for your iPhone 4s but you can download apps which are by default for later iOS version such as iOS 10

In spite of it has major advantages it has disadvantages using in 2019

Major Problems of iPhone 4s

Heat Problem : Heat issue and while you can use it as normal and Install app and use it but playing games but its ok to use as normal for calling, SMS, and WhatsApp

Poor Performance : iPhone 4s have low specs were you cannot use it as flagship the performance is quite low and we can’t compare with newer iPhone as new iPhone’s are way more powerful and fast you can expect a normal usage

No iOS 10 : iOS 10 is not available to iPhone 4s due to low spec and running 512 MB RAM and iPhone 4s not a 64 bit Powered as due to the iPhone 5 and 5c also not get the iOS 10 unfortunate we need to use it with iOS 9.3.5

Lack of New Features : Every iOS update have unique feature roll-out for the iPhone’s and as of now due there is iOS update for it so we can’t expect for any new features instead we need to relay on Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9.3.5

Poor Camera Quality : Now the Dual camera’s on boom even android Phone’s also have dual camera setup where we get the bokeh effect on photos it again lacks with single camera but i Know that it can capture great photos but we can’t expect better quality with new iPhone’s

Apps : When it comes to apps believe or not apps started to move form iOS 9.3.5 and this not happens for the first time Did You Know That Apps like Instagram for iPhone 4s, Netflix for iOS 9.3.5 not available for iOS 9.3.5

Due to That We can’t able Update apps over the latest one we need to relay last version app for iOS 9.3.5 and also we can’t move to latest iOS 10 due there is update for us

Why You can’t able to latest apps on iPhone 4s

One of the main reason we can’t get latest apps on iPhone 4s due to expanding apps features and fixing security on this apps and it need to updated


This doesn’t mean end era of iPhone 4s

We still using it no matter if there is no iOS update as we can still able to use as normal as we can but there is some problems but it ok but we can’t ignore it

Let Me Know in Comment what you think about iPhone 4s in 2019

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