iPhone 4s Back Panel Replacement at Home

Recently my iPhone 4s back got broke so i decided to change it but in 2021 it seems difficult to get the back cover of it but somehow i manage to Replace iPhone 4s Back Panel of it and i will show to done it right now

iPhone 4s is of the iPhone that still kept on my due i like its overall design still and mostly i treated it as my iPod so it feels bad when you broke your iPhone

iPhone 4s still Worth

iPhone 4s i don’t think worth having it unless you are using it as secondary not primary i used many iPhone’s so i not directly depend open on it as already said i am just using for music

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You can still use it but i don’t you go for primary

Can we able to Replace 4s Back Panel at home

When i start finding out where i get its back cover so i figure out the cover finally i find out and you can see that my iPhone back cover get broken so its time to fix it basically you need a iPhone opening kit and require the back panel

iPhone 4s Back Panel

iPhone opening Kit

When i finally changed the back cover of its so finally it feels good to see it so on

Why i changed my Back Panel

Many of you satisfied if your iPhone back panel is broken but for me i care lot this don’t know how many times fixed it with its sync cable, screen replacement and more just because i still love this iPhone even in 2021

I want to know your thoughts to so tell us how you maintained your iPhone 4s

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