iOS 11 DevPreview 11 Cool New Exciting features how to upgrade Right Now

iOS 11 DevPreview 11 Cool New Exciting features how to upgrade Right Now    

iOS 11 Dev

As last year Release iOS 10 with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Announced the iOS 11 which is far better then the iOS 10 Reinventing lots of new Exiting features we gonna share about with this post which include all New 11 Features and Concept of Next iPhone Heat Up what is Next iPhone 8 Should be there is expected to As Same last year releasing iOS 10 without any wasting time lets Go through out in this new Features Below


1#.Synchronization of iMassage : Overall a Great New Feature outcome in Next iOS 11 which the Sync of iMassage Conversation to your Current Device to cloud which an be retrieve later if you are upgraded to a new iPhone or iPad you can easily able to Get Up All of your massage right On any Apple Device Like iPhone or iPad However this Features only for iOS 11

2#.Pay Person to Person : The Advance Apple pay now enable to Person to Person Payment which can be pay out any person who right now using An iPad Or iPhone so How it works actually?

This Simple to Send And Receive Money it Come along with iMassage Right at conversation you can be able to use Apple Pay Person to Person to Send money to your Friends and Family 


3.Natural Voice Of Siri : According to Apple is Working on hard on Deep Inside of Siri to Bring Natural Voice overcome to next iOS 11 Means that Siri going to Be More Smart then ever and Apple  Much more about Siri Expect Natural Voice and Siri Translation(Beta)  New Capability of Translation can Seen in coming iOS 11 Simply Saying to Siri it Smartly translate what you ask to Siri and Right Now it on Beta version Expecting Final can be Soon in iOS 11

On Device Learning

5.On Device learning: This whole new Lineup Feature

What is On Device Learning ?

Now Siri Learn our Phone and try find which topic we are interested after Siri recommends that Topic which we are actually interested E.g News Siri Can Perform this all Devices which you Using iPhone and iPad if you are worry about the Security you stay safe it totally Safe with End-to-end Encryption that means only you and your Device knowing your On Device Learning.
Improve image Quality 

6. Improved image Quality : Like earlier iOS 10 in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Seen the Portrait Mode Photos and now in iOS 11 can be Better And improved Image Quality, Improved low light performance,optical Image stabilization, True tone Flash And HDR to Deliver you a High Quality Image Capture

Depth API

7.Depth API : This Depth API for the Developers Only not Announced for Public Yet This allows Depth Information of the Camera to Capture Photos with Two Camera and Expose to The Developers with Depth API
Control Center 
8. Redesigned Control Center: Apple This time Redesigned the Whole New Control Center which allows to all Kind of Information Toggles Right to the Control Center which includes Connectivity, Music, Volume, Rotation, DND (Do Not Disturb) with Existing Bottom Toggles This All Are Single Page Of Control Center

Wi-Fi Doppler

9. Wi-Fi Doppler: Wi-Fi Doppler Measure your Activity when you are Driving A Car and Smartly Give you Notified about to Use Do-Not-Disturb While Driving and after your choice to Do enable or Not

10.AirPlay 2: Apple Also Announced The AirPlay 2 which Coming next iOS 11 Update which enable to Build Multi Room Audio Built In iOS can able Configure your Speaker of Home and can be Accessible with new AirPlay 2 Technology 

11. AR Technology: Apple Announced New Feature Which iS Called AR Technology(Augmented Reality) This New How Far is Great for you it Actually Do Allow Create a Virtual Things On A Surface Like Table you Can Do lots more From This However it Only Right Now for Developer

So this are What coming to the New iOS 11

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