Instagram for iOS 6.1.6 iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 3Gs users are currently stucks out on iOS 6.1.6 where there are not be able to Install basic apps that need to have on iPhone and due iPhone 3Gs is old enough i tried to Install Instagram on iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.6 so you can able to get Instagram for iOS 6.1.6

Surprisingly iPhone 3Gs with iOS 6.1.6 is running Instagram

What’s the current Instagram version

if You are running a iOS 12 then you don’t even need for worry for anything due most of apps support for iOS 12 in current and if we looked out for the Instagram you will find it require currently iOS 10

but its does’t mean older iPhone’s can’t able to download apps over iPhone but apps are somehow limited


Installing Instagram on iOS 6

The latest version offers new feature’s where you features like

Multiple Account


Business Profiles

New Logo of Instagram

Fixed bug and improved Instagram

if you Install on iO6 you miss theses features

Compatible Version Instagram iOS 6

how far above screenshot is taken on iOS 6.1.3 with far as i know old enough but still capable for upload and liking and commenting stuff on this version of Instagram

Still Want Instagram for iOS 6

How to Download Instagram for iOS 6.1.6

As You you can’t able to Install latest version Instagram due get this pop-up as you are on an old iPhone and it does’t guarantee how long iOS 6.1.6 compatible version is available for download

but you can go for old version of apps

checkout, Download old iOS Apps


What Current Version Required for Instagram?

You need at least iOS 10 for Latest Version of Instagram

Can We able to Download latest version of Instagram on iO6?

No You only get the current compatible version of Instagram

Why There is No stories feature on iOS 6?

You need to have a iPhone 5 at least to download and view stories