iMovie for iOS 12.5.2 iPhone 5s,6,6 Plus

iMovie is video editing software made by Apple no matter if you have macOS, iPad, or iPhone you can use it to create videos with it and the best part of this software is available for free I tried to make videos and edit on iMovie, and still best to use day to day usage but it iMovie for iOS 12.5.2 Available

iMovie released in back at 1999 for MacOS 8 and it about 12 years old and in order to use iMovie for iPhone it requires to have at least iOS 14 but the things is that does it work on iOS 12 as well

Why iMovie is still Supported iOS 12

iMovie is still supported on iOS 12 and i tried to downlaod from the app store the thing that i noticed is that however it requires iOS 14 but still i can able to download it for many of us who are on iPhone 5s,6, 6 Plus still able to downlaod it

Things you can do with iMovie

You can use it create videos edit, trim, split videos and export it into your iPhone and can be uploaded on YouTube as well you just need to create a new project there is two option to choose from Movie or trailer and select and video file to get started the editing you can also create trailers as it already has templets to choose from any you want

Most of the time what I got DM,s is that how to download on my old iPhone no matter if you have iOS 12 you can download it as Apple has a compatibility option that allows users to actually download apps the only thing that is required you already purchased it otherwise you can’t download it

How to Download iMovie for iOS 12.5.1

Recently we shared about Netflix for iOS 12 that updated to iOS 13 but it can be download and usable to but how long no one knows the best thing I like about Apple is that most of its Apps supported on older iPhone’s even 4s that still Apple Music is Usable insane

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