How you can bypass the FRP lock No Matters which Devices

How you can bypass the FRP lock

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The FRP Lock
If you recently formatted your Google Pixel Devices or Restored your Android and now you cannot be able to go back to your Android Home this might be causes the FRP Lock happened on your Device. So, how you can bypass the FRP lock Best Locking System really never seen. When you buy an Android Device and you should going to create a New Google Account however you can Log In with Your Existing Account after the creating or Login Existing Account You Should Log In with the Account but sometime you accidently you Rest your Android Device now after Google Verify that actually you are the Owner of the Device as for the Security purpose it was Good.
When in a Welcome Setup Of Your Android Phone most irritating either there is no Option there to Skip you can Skip the only Sim Set Up if you were inserted the Sim or Not however not skipping at time you are in Wi-Fi setup.

How to fix this issue

In order to Bypass the FRP Firstly, you need to know that if you buy an Android Phone you should require to Sign in this so you can say we are going to re-change the login information of the phone so how to  Change the Log in information.
As More Device are now Currently Running Android Marshmallowor Android Lollipop version but I Seen in mostly in Android Lollipop powered Phones it not means every phone would to bypass this issue most the Phone that are won’t fix this issue.

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You can try this out to get out form the FRP lock

We need to go first in the home so bypass this we need to open Google keyboard when you See the Sign in now you click on the “Enter you Email” now at keyboard go to the Setting and now than press both at time now you are in Google’skeyboard setting now change the keyboard setting now Select left dots now you have to select on the help and go any one of them
go to Feedback or Help 
select anyone of them 
Now Select few words now Go for Assist
Now you are on the Google Now
We are now on the Google Now there is a way to open any app from Google now just type in the Search bar in this cause we need to open the setting now go to the factory reset now reset the Data
After reset the data now log in with your Account if again it showing the same issue so now
How you can bypass the FRP lock

We used the 2nd method

This Method works great there is no need format your data or anything so how does it work remember this was remove your Account from the Direct to your Account Manager data so removing your Google play Service Data we need The QuickShortcutmaker.App that can help to rest the Account login in the Google Play Service data
Download it from here
How you can bypass the FRP lock 1
Before doing this you download this and store it on that SD card inserted in your FRP Lock Device
AS before we step out to come into Google Now
When the Google Now Appears.
Search your File manager Open That
Search your File
How you can bypass the FRP lock 2
How you can bypass the FRP lock 3
  • Now Go to your Account Manager
  • Now Go into the Third option
  • Now Re login from there
  • After successful log in Go back to your Device
  • Now Switch off and power it again as you can see there is no owner account showing
  • Magic Happens
  • You are in your Phones homepage


But if none of this are not works for you that means you now have to Flash Your Android Version with Stock Version
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