How to Use your Stock adaptive icons on Your Android Oreo Right Now

How to Use your Stock Adaptive icons on Your Android Oreo Right Now

For the First you Seen the adaptive icons in One of the Biggest Android Update Yes ! Android Oreo if you recently updated Android Oreo and want change your icons to adaptive icons one If having trouble to find the adaptive icons icons then you are in right place in this post we will show you how you can able to change your icon on your stock Android Oreo

Things you need to Know

Android Oreo Launched Last month and you can say that it was just few days old few device are currently getting update including stock device if you are using a Stock Android Phone not yet updated until to Android Oreo so first you need to update your stock Device
If you use different launchers or using any other smartphone you will understand that it already there in other launchers however if having any trouble to update Android Oreo or your Device not eligible for Android Oreo mean you are using older version of Android Like Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat  You need to

checkout below
How to Do right Now
It really not complex task it was easily as possible if you are upgraded to Android Nougat
First you need to checkout now
Then you need to go to Setting
Now Change the icon Shape
Change you like
wait for applying 
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