How to Use Right Now Google’s New Copyless Pasting

How to Use Right Now Google’s New Copyless Pasting

Google Always try to implement new features every time and now the “Copyless Pasting” now soon coming to actually an chrome features that works well and can be seen in later updates in chrome browser in Android.
Copyless pasting is one of the Experimental feature and rather it not coming right now it can be takes a while to launch in your Chrome it actually great new feature in Chrome it will showcase you the custom Context Menu features in Chrome.
It provide you Suggestion regarding for A Text input, based o your recent context for e.g if you looked at a restaurant website and switched up for Google Map and keyboard would now offer you the name of the restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar so how to Use Right Now Google’s New Copyless Pasting
Who Can Access this Right now

This Feature works well in Chrome 59+ version or later versions it can only be access in Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary so how you can enable this right into Chrome
Go to your Chrome

type into address bar 


Should it going to works now 

No, currently it was not working there is no suggestion showing up right now either it not works in Android O(Oreo) Also soon be seen in later in chrome    



Ajay Sharma

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