How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes

How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes

If your iPhone, iPad, iPod stuck on the boot and whenever you trying to get out of it again and again you failed  and you searching How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes to boot up your iPhone so in order to get back your iPhone you need to be restore your iPhone no matter which iDevice you are using you can fix them out with this steps
Most of iDevice won’t boot up because of using the cydia and installing unwanted tweaks this issue faced by me also this was happened to me last night I little worried what to do now and one of my friend using the iPhone 5 with ongoing same  problem occurs while jailbreak
In This post we will know how you get rid out of and don’t need to worry about it
Things to know before performing restore iPhone with iTunes
Most of user uses the iPhone and they gather around with Apple eco-system like the Mac, iPod, iPad and one of the most common things we do while using with our iPhones which is regular or weekly backup which can be restored with the iPhone with iTunes but few us don’t have a iTunes they simply uses iPhone and rather apps and they don’t even backup and what happens with no backup it arise some lack while getting restored iPhone in Both of Sense if You have backup or not
No Matter if you have a backup of your iPhone but if have a earlier backup that means you no need to restore your iPhone but I know you are currently facing the restoration problem because you don’t have any earlier backup your iPhone don’t worry we will do both the earlier backup and the restore method while the update not works while your iPhone in bootloop or facing the Recovery mode directly pop-ups while in boot of iPhone 

What if you have a earlier backup

As You Know that if you are talking back up your iPhone in regular or daily basis and thereafter you facing any issue that means you can easily rid out of it and it takes no time to restore but sometimes as I faced if you are any issue regarding apple boot lop you need to restore and there is no way to do that so how can perform a complete restore of iPhone
Before we start get restore your iPhone first we need know what are requirement in order to getting restoration of iPhone
Here As Mentioned above
Download First Here
Working internet connection
iPsw File
Note That
(You can use the ipsw file in order to restore but recommend you to don’t download manually because iTunes automatically detects your firmware and start download your restore file )
But you download already a ipsw file than lets start doing I have also download the firmware of my iPhone 6 which currently running the iOS 11 now but the current version of iOS is IOS 11.2.6 which I downloaded so now  
Don’t mean that you could only able to restore your iPhone only same method apply while restoring any iPhone, any iPod or any iPad make sure you follow this guide  
Here the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 have having effected the same issue while both have the same they currently on bootloop  
Stuck iPhone 5
stuck iPhone 6
Now but if You won’t able to boot in recovery you need to do simple step to doing this first make sure you do this First You need to Press the Home Button As shown in Below Next Step is putting the iPhone data sync cable to be attached while pressing the Home button make sure you connected with the Mac or PC  
How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes sanp 1
Now You are now in the Recovery Mode of the iPhone Now
Go To iTunes
Now You are in Recovery Mode in Your iPhone
Now we Need to get back on iTunes
As You can see that that it requires to be first restore now 
You need to restore the firmware
Now as it connects to the iPhone Software updater now
How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes snap 2
You can directly restore with the Apple and it takes first download and you need to wait until it downloads but if already have ipsw file than how to install the firmware here see how it works
user need hold the shift button and thereafter click on the restore now you will see something on below images now
How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes snap 3
Find the File where you stored now it confirms you to restore now allow it restore and wait for the restoration
Now You need to Set-Up as a new iPhone and you are done now  as you can see below i restored to iOS 11.2.6 now
How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes snap 4
will see something after restore
But Here are the some common issue while I tried to restore one of my iPhone 5
How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes snap 5
How to use ipsw file to restore iPhone with iTunes snap 6
This Issue will remains for some of us and it will become sometime frustration and did you know that this issue can be fixed
So how you can prevent this issue while you performing the iOS restore make sure have latest iTunes otherwise the issue still remains and download form the given link upper and after downloading the latest itunes there is no issue while restoring your iPhone
At the End
You know how to restore your iPhone while you see any bootloop or stuck boot at recovery if you follow this you can rid of out it with this situation if really this helps you out please do share and for more update keep updated with us