How to Use Cheats Game keyboard for gta vice city in 2019

How To use Cheat Game keyboard for gta vice city in 2019

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Possible to Apply


Demo video
This was work 100% with use of Game Keyword 
Hey Are you A Gta Lover Especially yes you are I know that many of you are playing the Classic games powered by the Rockstar Games so i will show you how to do that so keep going on

Possible To Apply Cheat On Android

GTA(Grand thief Auto Vice City) one of the Massive game that we play in are childhood as more series of the GTA coming on later year passed but one that you want gonna stick around that old classic version of the GTA Vice City  
While playing The PC and The PSP is easily to use cheat that can be apply thought easily on the Screen so, now the GTA now available in our Android Devices and also in the iPhone when comes to apply cheat thought on the Android device

Yes It is Possible



Well what you need actually to using GTA cheat on Android if you are going to the game for the first time and don’t know where to download the game right now so you need the GTA right the Link that given below
Download from here 
After you download the GTA on your Android now one net things you need also to download on your device. Now what ?
Yes why you need to probes do next right now so putting cheat on android is easy when you have A app that need to install on Android called The Game keyboard and one another keyboard called CM keyboard CM keyboard can easily available to the Play store But Game Keyboard you can download 
from here
Download from here, now

How to Put Cheat Now

Well to Both GTA and the Game keyboard right install on your Android now what you do next carefully read now while most on the you faced the problem when you not carefully watch this out

First Open the Game Keyboard before opening the GTA

So Follow me Ok 

well tweak over here is to downlaod an alternative keyboard which called CM keyboard 

Keep in Mind that Game keyboard only need for get open Keyboard if you think that you open keyboard with it so it not yet possible so keep both the Game keyboard and CM keyboard 


Firstly open  Game keyboard

Change your Keyboard to CM keyboard after exit

Now open GTA vice city


Now when Open 

You can see that cheat is perfectly activated 

Try to type the cheat on keyboard now you done well
All Cheats now are working well