How To Update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 with Jailbreak Tweaks

How To Update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 with Jailbreak Tweaks    

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Reasons why there is no ios 8
Supported Firmeware
Yes you can be able to do Update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 with Jailbreak Tweaks it really simple to do that but note that in only provide the features on iPhone 4 in iOS 8 rather it provide the iOS 8 IPSW so you need to add features with tweaks so you will do it read out this you will know sure
iPhone really one of the awesome phone that I rather been used formally I moved it right now those who are still using iPhone 4 with iOS 7.12 mean yes they have to but sadly there is no more iOS update for iPhone 4 user there was a time when iPhone 4 one of the most popular device in later 2012 but after coming new lineup iPhone might be one of disappointing but should be right for Apple iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 To 8 should upgradable or not   

Reason behind iPhone 4 not listed iOS 8

The main reason behind Apple won,t rather update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 the hardware accurse might this time faster processing, faster RAM management, better camera and great new hardware coming later Apple already ends support for iPhone at the Stage of iOS 7.12 but really iPhone 4 is great for my aspect you should be thinking with one year later iPhone 4S got iOS 8 running iOS 9.3.5  but having similar not updated to iOS 10
While as per specification both have a similar specification but processing unit different Apps running with the iPhone 4 with A5 One Single core would be great while most of Android phone running previously in Single core won’t even iPhone 4S with A6 dual core processing unit also graphic and processing power  
Overall both are really good but time changes now it time for upgrade really

First we know what are the features iOS 8 have
There is few new features 
Like Improved Siri 
Quick Replay 
Improved Notification
New Default Edting Tools
New API 
Updated Stock Apps
One of the First thing you the notification changed on iOS 8 which quite easier with ios 8 but iOS 7 still have a basic notification shade while we tell how you can get it right now but modifying the notification panel you need to be jailbreak your iOS so what we do exactly we first jailbreak our iPhone it was importnat do otherwise we cannot modify  it and without jail breaking your iPhone this modification was,t possible so please jailbreak your iOS first below links you will know how to it right now
Jailbreak without computer
Jailbreak with computer
Siri for iPhone 4 can be possible with two different tweaks 
There is OK Siri tweak is available but this works if the activator is present to your iPhone otherwise is not works and this was a basic features    
Siri Port Siri 
Look Siri for iPhone is not works well don,t know why it was,t working on a 8GB of iPhone 4 but surely not tried on later version might be work on 16GB or 32Gb one of the problem with this creatifiaction issue occurred while As you seen many of showing that there iPhone works at good  or you tried this tweaks before let us know that it was still working now
Touch ID
Touch iD is the next gen security gurd that keeps you to more secure while the in pin lock and num lock are already present of the most of the devices but the touch ID only available later iPhone 5 and later devices so there is no touch iD presnt in rather in iPhone 4S also so what you should do get this touch id with Bio Protect tweak 
Joking ?
Not possible to do it coz it primary a hardware issue while touch ID is only able to use on later iPhone 5S but there is tweak which you should used to get this tweak in your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S this tweak is quite funny coz it shows that there is fingerprint require to unlock but good part is it just a normal tweak so on you can try it right now
If you want to use this tweak right now 
repo it Already present in if you Jailbreak  
Keyboard with Swipe Typing
Keyword one of the most important while typing so this can be major things let people customize their keyboard with their own style I used emoji with the keyboard while the swipe keyboard functionality is not present on mainly ios 7.1.2 while no Apps where support the swipe function for now on iOS 7.1.2 all apps moved to iOS 8 and later one but I tried to use previous version Apps feature on iPh0ne but this not works now for swipe keyword this feature only works for few apps only
By the way you can able to install this functionality with the tweak method
If you want to use this tweak righ now the checkout the 
 source  :
Photo Editor get new Features
While the iOS 8 get the new photo editing functionality on iOS 8 while few editing tools already present on iOS 7 on default camera while there is no iOS 8 update for iPhone 4 which means this new photo editing function is not present on iPhone 4 but you can able to add this function with installing third party apps on Apps store
Find on App Store Apps
One more thing which is preset on on later iPhone which the new quick replay feature on iOS 8 and later devices but not available for the iOS so this can only able to done with the cydia tweaks 
So in order to enable this quick replay functionality on your iOS 7.1.2 then you need to get Auki on your iOS 7.1.2 devices make sure you have a jail broken device otherwise this tweak is not work either
However there is few more tweaks which also support quick replay 
The Parallax Effect on iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1.2
While you seen that iOS 8 come with lot more improvement and more bug fixes while one more things you need to lookout there is parallax effect available for the iPhone 5 and the later iPhone update while iOS 7.1.2 has white notification panel there is no have a parallax no effect so now

If you want to use the parallax effect to your iPhone 4 honestly you can able to use this tweak right now but note this tweaks work with jailbreak method there is no way to get this functionality but you I experience that this was quite buggy on iPhone 4 and really lacks on performance

Sourec :

so these are help you to modify your iPhone to look like iOS 8 and here honestly no iOS 8 update officially available for the iPhone 4     


iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 Support IOS


iPhone 4S iOS 9.3.4 Supported iOS   

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