How to Uninstall Pre-loaded Apps or Bloatware on Android no Root( Yes ! Possible)

How to Uninstall Pre-loaded Apps or Bloatware on Android no Root( Yes ! Possible)
If you are looking for removing Apps that pre-installed by the manufacturer however it can done removing one single app can do what we earlier mention but few people yet not “Root” I know there feeling be fear about fear Nup its Joke take  don,t take seriously if you use Stock  device like Android One however it Stock Android but few OEM can be Seen but it comes Nexus Lineup or Newly Pixel Branding both are familiar with Google but Nexus & Pixel have no Blotware “Wow” cool know but people who hate Samsung and ASUS because tons of OEM Apps come with pre-loaded but it can be removed know how

Things before you do uninstalled Pre-loaded Apps

However there is tons App come with Newly pursed Phone but lake is that pre-loaded Apps trust me this are worst for Phone to Run smooth the reason behind Phine got stuck sometimes and your ram management not at your control for few Pre-loaded Apps you you choose uninstall best those favorite Apps we know the these can be unislled with Root but your landing is right we talk about non-root method   
Note that
Android2techpreview is not responsible for any damages you are on responsible for that
What if uninstalled Google Apps (Don,t Even thought) coz without Google Apps your phone is like Empty Box  


Take backup in full
Charge your phone at least 70%
Kindly follow the same
Now the Main Process
You can with 2 steps
One simply enabling USB debugging by Enabling Developer Mode( taping Phone Build Few times)
Make sure you have Installed the ADB Drivers
Now Plug Phone which you do process
Find ADB folder(C/ADB)
Simply Hold Shift and Left mouse click(keep eye on Open command Promote here) 
Now Kindly lookout process
Type ADB devices
Note Keep eye on Phone after Giving Command allow permission First(power Off don’t worried)  
simply tap power and Volume + button (stock recovery boots)
opt for Fastboot
After in Fastboot Mode
Type ADB shall
pm list packages | grep ”
For your ease e.g
pm list packages | grep '' 
pm uninstall -k --user 0 <name of package>
(Example-> pm uninstall -k --user 0
Now you done
is This works out for you

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