How to turn off predictive text on ios 10 Right Now

How to turn off predictive text on ios 10

if you are searching for how you can easily able to off the prediction of iOS well the prediction quite good to use while in typing its suggest words when you type and also give wide area correction of particular word that you type while In the iOS is quite easy to turn off this suggestion does’t  matter which device’s you are using right now it may be iOS 10,11,9,8, or 7 the process of Turing of these suggestion are same
But if you off this suggestion thereafter there is no suggestion is present while you type of the massage which is not good quite a bit I know that we spell word correctly lack sometime happens that you wrote wrong spelling which is not good as I seen while typing but rather if you feel turn this off this prediction yes of curse you can easily able turn off this
Note that
It might be off predicting while you other instant messaging apps    such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
How to turn off this prediction right now
First you need to open your iPhone or iPad
Now you need to go to settings
You find the General option which is present in every iOS version either you use iOS 10,11,8,7
Now on General settings
Find keyboard
Now you will find two options

Auto correction and predictive
You need to turn off both these option in order to turn off this

After Turing this off now
There is no suggestion while in Message

Ajay Sharma

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