How to take Nandroid Backup of your Android phone(Full Guide)

How to take Nandroid Backup of your Android phone(Full Guide)

What is Nandroid Backup
Why You Should Take Nandroid Backup
When Bootloop Start
How to take Nandroid Backup of your Android
Did you Know That we all do one major mistake while flashing the ROM so we want to you know how you can be able to keep safe doing this mistake so in this post you will know how you can able to take Nandroid backup to Your Android Phone it is Easy process it takes little time depends upon your data in most of android phone takes 15 to 30 min to taking whole backup of your data
It Mostly depends on Size of data of the backup so you can expect that you can take backup with this Nandroid Backup
What is Nandroid Backup
Nandroid backup is going to help you whenever you want get retrieve back to your backup ones so I know you have a clear doubt that why I should do nandroid backup so frankly while taking a normal backup backup like images, videos, phone number etc so this types of backup can be done and also restorable when phone in working stage but if you phone might have bootloop was happened in most of time to me and Really I Don’t want to happens with you ok
If You are unknown about Nandroid backup so you need just know this that this will help you to get back to phone if any problem persist while Flashing the ROM

Why You should Take Nandroid Backup

If someone ask you that Does it Necessary to take Backup 

So, Yes
Let me give you an example why you upload your data to cloud not because of don’t want you uploaded to cloud to save the data and if you data deleted than you can retrieve it back to your phone as same happens while taking the Nandroid Backup while flashing ROM to Your Phone if there is problem you can’t able to boot to the ROM flashed then if you take backup before you can easily able to restore your data to get back to your devices so Nandroid Backup will Help You
One of the Biggest Problem is Bootloop
Bootloop: Bootloop is what when you Android just stuck on boot and phone won’t start
Don,t Know why but most of time while flashing the ROM phone Just Stuck and won’t Boot to the ROM and frustration is that you have to again get back to your stock android but on that you have no backup so you option just flash ROM again so it

When  Boot-loop Start   

  • Flashing Wrong ROM : Make Sure Check twice while going to flash the ROM if you flash ROM wrong so it chances that you phone will brick
  • Incomplete of ROM package : However if You just download the ROM package it just stopped at patching and it stuck on process and the patching process won’t complete one of the simple fix you can do just try extract the ROM if successfully extract that means it ok if not you need to again need download
  • Flashing Wrong ROM : Make Sure Check twice while going to flash the ROM if you flash ROM wrong so it chances that you phone will brick if you are flashing ROM suppose on Nexus 5 so don’t flash ROM of Nexus 6P
  • Flashing Megisk : While Megisk Installation Needs Root Access so if not happens with me but one of my friend experience that after flashing Megisk the phone just stuck at boot so it may be happens with you also so again he restore data with Nandroid Backup   
  • Flashing Xposed : if You Open Xposed it clearly visible that if you Xposed you might experience BootLoop on Phone while it heppnes with me while flashing on MIUI however I installed it again and again bootloop but while Flashing Xposed on Cutstom Like Pixel Experience it truly flashed with no bootloop issue. 
  • Rooting : Rooting is also a reson that you are experience of bootloop to your android
  • Installing Xposed Tweak : Sometimes even installing tweaks also responsible for Boot
So, these are some common when you Android Stuck at Boot

How To Take Nandroid Backup On Your Android

So, How You able to take the Nandroid backup to your Android it needs a custom recovery to take the Nandroid backup of your phone so how to do it right now as told you need a custom Recovery first you need first to install the custom recovery
Download TWRP Custom Recovery based on Your Devices First
You Need to Flash custom Recovery it On Your Android
How to Flash TWRP Recovery
After Flashing The TWRP recovery to Your Phone
You Need to Just go to Backup option as You see in the image


Now take whole backup of your phone
Wait for the Backup Process to complete it can take time little longer


After taking whole backup you wait for confirmation of backup process


Now You can easily able to restore your backup with Help of backup
You just need select the Backup File and need to confirm flashing
And you are done
Hope you know How to Take nandroid Backup of Your Android Phone
At the end
If you have any doubt so please comment below I will try to help regarding this