How to simple fix the Bootloop your IPhone with one simple step

How to simple fix the Bootloop your iPhone with one simple step

sometimes iPhone starts boot loop continuously so why this happens and you don’t know what to do when it happens few factors effects that your iPhone now starts Boot loop so while you are in your iphone don,t attempt installing third party apps while there is steel chances of bootloop fix the Bootloop your IPhone with one simple step

Factors that affects the Boot Loop

The Software updates– Moving to the new iOS version might causes your iPhone Boot loop it occurs when you update your device not properly
Jail breaking the iOS :- Sometimes Jail breaking your device causes boot loop because wrong installation 

How to fix it

Put your iPhone into Recovery – whenever the Boot Loop occurs you can easily fix with the help of the recovery so how put your Device to the Recovery mode

  • Step:- 1 connect your iDevice and Launch ITunes
  • Step :- 2 Press the Home Bottom And the Power button for few Second
  • Now the ITunes will appear on your iDevice
  • ITunes will Pop-Up on your Screen


Now you can update your Device or Restore the previous version of The IOS

You can simply restore your Device with the previous or you can update your iDevice with the
newer iOS version.

If issue is not fixed feel free to share with us.