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How to Root Any Android Device with no Hassle 

  • Introduction
  • Does it beneficial 
  • what are benefits 
  • loss of Root
  • Download Requirement 
  • Rooting with PC
  • Root With One Click(Image Guide)
Hello, Guys we are going to discuss about the root and show you today the Steps how actually root you device many of you have to many don,t know how to root your device or is it beneficial for you are bed for your mobile so, we are going to talk how you can able to root your device. Device Before we moved to show how you root few things you have to remember about the root.
Does Root Beneficial for you
Many Of you Are think that if you Gonna root your device that has been many benefits to rooting Device basically why we root Device coz we want to run apps that only made for the Rooted device there is many tricks available on the internet but we share you some method that you can able to right from your Desktop, your, Phone
Before we start Any Android Device

What Benefits you Got

Rooting Makes More Powerful compering to there phone. Your phone has root Directory Access that means you can acess all of the device usage as well the Software there more Benefits using a Android Device. Rooting enables use some Benefits so, what are the Benefits of Rooting
  • 1. Root Permission Enables to Access those apps that apps can run with a un-root Device.A rooted Device Give’s the Permission For those Apps that actually rooted we can able to access any system files even modify the System Files
  • 2 We Can also increases the Performance of the Phone Or decrees the performance whenever we need simply doing the under-clocking the CPU Limits that help to Optimize the Battery Performance.
  • 3. Downlaod any Custom ROM e.g CynogeonMod or the Mi Ui and Lineage OS
  • 4.Can modify the Apps Can able to patch custom Files
  • 5.Can able to increases the Memory
  • 6.Full Control over your Device
  • 7. Customised the Whole Look Using the xposed 



What are the Loose’s of the rooting a device

There are more benefits using a rot device but there are may loose of using a root Device.Most Common is that your Phone can be bricked if you yo don’t follow the steps properly while this was the common problem while rooting the device
  • 1.Probably the Chances that your Phone going to be bricked If you don’t follow the Steps
  • 2.Your User Data getting delete
  • 3.Rooting Your Phone May be void your Warranty
  • 4. Wrong Rooting May be going To Bootloop
  • 5.there is chances that your data on risk by using the Root Permission     


Ways To Root
Android2techpreviw is not responsible for any damage happens while rooting Your Device so you are doing this on your own we are done with our Device and successfully Rooted 
Most Commonly usable method the flashing the SuperSu Method for Stable one

Note that

it works if you flashed a custom Recovery 

See,How to flash TWRP and cyanogenmod Recovery 

Download the SuperSu File

On Few phone on stock recovery won,t allow to install the any third party rom or any unofficial rom, so you can try the cyanogenmod recovery or TWRP Recovery  in order to install the SuperSU
Before installing from Make a Full Back up Your Device your Battery Level Should be the 80%

This clip might help

After downloading the SuperSu File

1.Make Sure Your SuperSu.Zip On Your SD Card

2.Reboot your Device Into your Recovery Mode

3.In the TWRP Recovery “wipe” the cache the and Dalvik 

4.Go to Install
5.Choose the SuperSu.Zip and tap install(Update Super Su.Zip File 

6.Now, when Success Reboot your Device.
7.Check your Device is rooted by using the Root Checker Download From Play Store
Open Root checker
click to verify
 allow Root Access(Grant Access)
Yup Done 

#Step 2
Rooting using your Computer
So, how t root using a computer so, there is way to root your device using the root is right from your laptop or the desktop. There are many software are there that allows you to root your Device that allows to root your device with the one click.
You can Root with Your Android Device online using Data
Now, you can also able yo root your device using the online method
Download The App Called the Kingo Root
Open it

Click on Root

Root Snap 1

 At 70%

Root Snap 2
Root Snap 3

Success After

Root Snap 4

However in order to Check Root Success or not we need to check out

Download Root Checker 

Install it First


Root Checker snap 1

then open it and Agree

Root Checker snap  2

click to check Root(Allow Root Access)

Root Checker snap 3


Root Checker snap 4

You are done

Root Checker snap 5

As this App also for the Computer but it was also for the Android that allows to root your device simply rooting Online

Android2techpreview Advice Before doing the Rooting start with your Phone make at least 80% while using the flashing method this helps to allow to root with your Device with ease and smooth So,
Keep Rooting
If any Suggestion on your mind you feel free to share us.