How to Remove Background iOS 16 on iPhone X Alternative way

Still Using iPhone X the best thing about this is that iOS 16 is compatible with this iPhone and running fine while using iOS 16 on it you will find some features not working on this iPhone X and the most lovable features that can help you remove the background on photos is not working

To use these features you need at least iPhone X and later iPhone which means this won’t work either on iPhone 8 and Plus so is there an alternative way we can use it to remove the background ios 16 iPhone x in this I will tell you how you can do it

Why this iOS 16 feature is not working 

We all know that this wasn’t the first time when it came to some features not working on iOS 16 previously we look back to iOS 14.6 which comes with lossless and Dolby atoms support for iPhones but the supported devices only iPhone 7 and later however iPhone 6s won’t get any lossless features the same due the hardware limitation

At this time one of the best features of iOS 16 that not working not only on the iPhone X but also not working iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus reason its runs A11 Bionic which works perfectly on the iPhone XR and later 

So the biggest question is whether we can able to use this feature on our iPhone or not the simple answer is that you cannot use it by default as it won’t work no matter what you do but you can use some apps that can help you remove background which can be installed on apps like Pixelcut that offers some free cutouts or you can go with their paid plans that provide unlimited cutouts

How to Remove Background iOS 16 on iPhone 8 & X

Open the Pixelcut App

Choose Remove Background & Pick Image

Slide and Remove the Background

Save this


I hope this will help you to remove the background on iPhone X


why can’t remove the background in iOS 16?

This feature does not work on A11 bionic-supported iPhones which means you need at least iPhone XR

How do you remove the background of a picture on an iPhone 8

There are many alternatives you could try to remove the background

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