How to put cheats in GTA san andreas in Andoid without Gamekeyboard

How to Put Cheat In GTA San Andreas with GTA San Andreas Cheater 

Hey there back with new post again as previously I discussed how to put cheat in GTA vice city in Android now How to Put Cheat In GTA San Andreas with GTA San Andreas Cheater. it was quite tricky method to Apply Cheat on the Android.

As previously cheats are working fine on the GTA vice city when its comes to enabling cheats on the GTA san Andres it quite complicated because GTA San Andres Cheater won,t works as Game keyboard it was not applicable to type the cheat it was tricky it works with no Root and works with Root also. 

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How to Apply cheats

Interesting, point over here while you won,t enable it using the Game keyboard method but you can able to enable it with the help of the GTA san Andres cheater  this works great on the but a different way to enabling it so, before you start going to be enable the cheats Download both the GTA san Adress and the GTA San Andres cheater 

It not works as Keyboard but it was working fine enabling it works with a tricky method   

Download here GTA San address

Now first install properly install the GTA san Andreas

Than after properly install the GTA San Andreas Cheater


Always remember it not a Keyboard that enable to put any cheat it developed works at different kind
So, when you are Just installed the Both File the GTA san Andres you thinking when it not giving the Capability to enter the Cheat like keyboard so how to enable to cheat.

First Open the GTA San Andreas now

Now When you Play It on the PC,s or PSP you always remember you need to Save the Game On the C.J Home this was a  tricky a course  yes quite tricky

Now, similar you have at least save one save file progress

When you saved A save File On CJ, s House now

Open the GTA San Andres cheater

You find the save file Just you Saved it

Now, select the file now

Come down enable the following in the list you want to enable next when you play the Game after enable
1Go back to GTA san Andreas

Now Open with Save File

Now You can see the Health level and not also that what you ticked out with the save file it enables fine, so whenever you going Save file in CJ’s house repeat the Steps when you need health armor, health and the other Guns It works and it was quite tricky 

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