How To Move Search Bar on Top in Safari iOS 15/16/17

I have been using Safari on my iPhone for a longer period of time and I know you also using Safari on your iPhone so if you want to move the search bar to the top can you do it on your iPhone answer is yes you can do it with your iPhone no matter which version you are using you can do with your iOS 15 or 16 or even the iOS 17

so this is tried method and this is work with every iPhone I have tried to iPhone 13 as well and it’s working

Things you need to know about the search bar on iPhone

When it’s come to the search bar on Safari it is quite obvious that you look at the below and search for something For me my search bar on the bottom quite convenient to type as I type a lot on browsers like Safari so using with bottom bar is really convenient for anyone also for you

if you are feeling that you using your iPhone and you want to get it back to the top so you can do it for me at the bottom bar is good also I have don’t any worry about things but if you what about to get it back on top and you can do it

How to move the search bar on the top in Safari

To move the search bar to the top of the Safari browser you could do two methods I am going to share with you These methods can be used to do it very simply method first all you have to do is to go to your Safari settings after that you need to go to down below

you will find that Safari is on the topper and the bottom

 after selecting the single tab

 get back to your browser

you will find that the search bar is right now on top

In the second method,

you can also try not going to Safari settings you can do it with Safari itself first

you need to open any site next to the down bottom you need to select Aa

next, you can see there are shows that show the top address bar

all you have to do is tap on the address bar

after that, you can see the address bar is on top, and you

if you want to revert it that you can do the same simply go to tap that and after that, you can do it show the bottom time pass simple I hope you can able to do this it’s quite easy on your iPhone

 I know many of you are going to do this but for me is not matter about whether it’s having one top or bottom I have to use Safari and at the bottom, I think I quite easy to use it’s a choice between the bottom side

Can I move the search bar to the bottom of Safari on iPhone 6

Safari on iPhone 6 is usually on the top bar and you don’t need to do anything but if you try to do it on the bottom luckily there is no way to move to the bottom you can use it default on the top bar