How to Lock Safari Tabs in iPhone/iPad iOS 17

I have been using Safari for a very long time and found that over time it’s getting way better I found that its private browsing added a new thing that I use to lock my private tabs as it’s a new privacy feature on Safari in iOS 17 last year similar thing already seen on iOS 16 were the photos will be locked

Earlier In iOS 16 you will notice that you can’t able to lock your safari tabs this feature on iOS 17 is really helpful for those who use private browsing a lot on their iPhone

Things you need to know about private browsing on iPhone

Most of you use Safari on your iPhone and in Safari you will find lots of different things but added like Profile but a new privacy feature that is helpful when you Use private browsing Especially if your phone is used by your family members your friends or your children so Whenever someone is trying to use the private browsing on your iPhone they cannot able use as it now requires your FaceID to unlock

I know many of you using private browsing for a very long time this is something that can add an extra layer of privacy in private browsing to lock the tabs all you require is iOS 17 to use this

How to lock Tabs in Safari in iOS 17

To lock tabs in Safari your iPhone must need iOS 17 to be updated if you try to do it with iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus this thing will not work so you need an iPhone that supports iOS 17 e.g iPhone XR or Later

all later to enable this feature you are required first go to settings

then after going to Safari

you find the “requires face id to unlock private browsing”

Enable it

After that, you will find that your iPhone is required to unlock the private tab

this is how you can lock your Safari tabs on your iPhone

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