How to jailbreak ios 7.1.2 with pangu Detail Guide 2017(Image Included)

How to Jailbreak your iOS 7.1.2 with Pangu Jail breaking Tool

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Why to Jailbreak 
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Hey there now days we try something experimental on on ours phone especially with an iPhone really you can try still into your iPhone either you are using a iPhone having an iPhone with iOS 7.1.2 now when you are going to look out there is certain quick step least now available to Jailbreak your Device at really no time consuming so we are going into deep inside jail breaking into your iOS 7.1.2 so now

Why to jailbreak your iOS 7.1.2

(Read Full Article for prevent Any Damages)
However Jail breaking to your iOS does this violates any Apple policy? while not it not violates any law of the Apple Policy coz Jail breaking your iOS is totally depends upon you and ether you are own responsible for that there is certain advantages and disadvantages to Jail breaking your iOS not 7.1.2 ether it applicable to later version also
First you should have to know the advantages

  • Does you used An Android Device
  • May be You are using or May be not
Well What exactly want say you that we are all know that Android is an Open Source anyone can use it and even tweak to their device there is no restriction like that you can also tweak with your iOS 7.1.2 while you use an Android there is certain tool available to explore Android while the common one will say Rooting will enable to do all kind of tweaks
  • After Jail breaking Chances of Malware would Inside 
  • You are own who risk of Jailbreak 
  • Apple Won’t provide any care after Jail breaking
Well known
Like An Android there is tool available to Jailbreak your IOS 7.1.2 don’t confused on Rooting And Jail breaking these are similar while you compare from both we are capable access the Root Directory of iOS or Android    
But know when it comes to Jailbreak An iPhone
There is Certain Tools available to Jailbreak your IOS however for your compatibility we advice you to kindly use Pangu Rooting Tool of of the Most trusted to Jailbreak tool where I used same to jailbreak my IOS 7.1.2
You can check out over here

Well I think you understand how to do now
Before you Jailbreak
  • Charge your Battery at least 70
  • Kindly backup your Device Data(erased during jail breaking)
  • If possible keep a Restore File of IOS 7.1.2(if Bootloop)


Prepare this
  • Next Step to Download
  • Make Sure you download iTunes 32 Bit 64 bit
  • Pangu Rooting Tool PC/MAC
  • Install iTunes must(Download here)


Next install Pangu
After Open Pengu with(Run as Administrator)
When your Device detected then
Press Jailbreak wait
If date settings pop-uped to change then changed it to
Provided one(02/06/2014)
Unlock your Device
Open pangu From Device
Wait until on pangu 
You may experience that it stats prepare for first-time use
When it Stats preparing File System wait
Then don’t do anything   
After prepared
Finally your iOS 7.1.2 has Jailbreak 

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