How To Install WhatsApp iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 Without Jailbreak

We Know That this would Happens As Most Apps are not support iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 which is bad in Aspect of  WhatsApp for iPhone 4 however this truly bad those who are still use iPhone 4 its actually not be happened most of older Android have still Access of WhatsApp but despite App Store no longer support WhatsApp for iPhone 4 nowadays but those who are looking for download it so yes you can still able to download WhatsApp for iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 without Jailbreak

It Doesn’t matter you have jail-broken iPhone 4 or not you still able to download WhatsApp but how to download if App store Shows this I know you little worried moved iOS 8   Well However it shows iOS 8 but if you are unable to download it form App store so don’t worry you still able to download WhatsApp for iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 In this post I will tell you exact way to download WhatsApp as form this method we downloaded earlier Snapchat iOS 7.1.2,       

Why Apps are Moving to iOS 8 and iOS 9 ?

WhatsApp iOS 7.1.2

We all Know that it wasn’t first time that app moved to later iOS version many of apps are already moved to latest iOS 8,and 9 this happen because of the limitation and security of iOS 7.1.2 and app developers wants to improve app and their stability and upgrading their feature to the apps    

How to Install it Right Now

First You Need to go to Your iPhone  

Now tap the Download icon   

I Know this message appears  

  Now You need PC Or Mac   Install iTunes MacPC  Search WhatsApp in iTunes  

    Now first download it and pause is to 1MB  

Now go back to Your iPhone  

Now This download icon appears

Just hit that    

Now You see  

  Now You Can able to download it    

(Note That it Doesn’t Mean Downloaded Apps Will work)        

Hopefully You understand how to Install WhatsApp for iPhone 4 iOS 7.12 comment if works  

Ajay Sharma

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