How to install Twitter iOS 9.3.5 on iPhone 4s without Jailbreak

How to Install Twitter iOS 9.3.5 on iPhone 4s without Jailbreak

As we Know that the recent update for twitter is now changed and it no longer supports for below iOS 9 iPhone’s including iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s In New update for twitter as Twitter streamlining their app for their client it means there is no longer updates for twitter but here we have to know that Twitter can be install able however it upgrades to iOS 10 right now

Yes In This Post we show the exact way to install Twitter twitter iOS 9.3.5 on iPhone 4s without Jailbreak 

Did You Need Jailbreak to Install Twitter iOS 9.3.5

Believe or not you don’t need to be Jailbreak for Installing Twitter to Your iPhone 4s so it doesn’t matter Jailbreak however if you have a Jailbreak iPhone 4s you can also be able to download the App right from the Apple App Store

And Really you don’t need to go for Jailbreak for downloading iPA file to Install Twitter

Why Twitter moved to iOS 10

It Not about why Twitter moved to iOS 10 it about to know that in future most of the basic app also moved to iOS 10 one of the big reason of being moved to iOS 10 because twitter wants to upgrade their new features which not possible stay on iOS 9 and really it necessary to move to expand their feature to the app and really it helpful for users and if look to iPhone 4 right now you cannot even download basic app on it Facebook, YouTube currently moved from iOS 7.1.2 to far fairly still Most of the App store apps are supported to iOS 7.1.2

iPhone 4s is quite old nowadays if we go back at 2011 iPhone 4s one of the best phone that time and first time we come to know about siri on that time whenever I looked out to iPhone 4s in nowadays you can still able to use this devices and app also supported to iPhone 4s the reason is clear that iPhone 4s has iOS 9 which allows you to download basic app store apps however few apps moved for me you can still use

How to install Twitter iOS 9.3.5 on iPhone 4s Right Now

It mostly problem happened while you trying to install apps which moved to iOS 10 its frustrating for me and I know how you feel when you see “This App required iOS 10 or later” and its now also start with twitter hopefully you can download it right now this usually happens if you try to installing twitter for the first time on iPhone 4s

Don’t worry let Start installing

First You Need iTunes Windows or Mac because we won’t to with Jailbreak

First install it

After Login with


After Login Search for Twitter


Now go to download

And pause it on 1MB or you can wait for full download

Now moved back to Your iPhone 4s(Make sure Linked with same Apple ID you use in iTunes)

Go To Twitter

Install Now You will see Download icon

Now You can see that there is compatibility version is present to download

Go and simply download it
You are done

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