How to install Snapchat on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5 without Jailbreak

How to install Snapchat on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5 without Jailbreak

As we shared previously about the Twitter on iPhone 4s which currently requires iOS 10 also Netflix for iOS 9.3.5 Right now if we looked out for the Snapchat for the IOS 9.3.5 which is no longer available you must have a iOS 10 In order to install the Snapchat for iPhone 4s frankly if we tell you that you can easily able to install Snapchat on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5 without having jailbreak
This method works to install Snapchat for iOS 9.3.5 You can easily able to download Snapchat on iOS 9.3.5

Did You Need to Jailbreak for Installing Snapchat on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

Snapchat can be download right from the App Store and you not need any third party app store to download Snapchat you can easily able to download Snapchat form App store no need for third party app store. You can able to download Snapchat with Jailbreak and also without jailbreak so In This Post we only talking about the non-Jail broken way
Don’t Worry if won’t able to Download Snapchat on iOS 9.3.5 You Need just to follow the steps which are provided in this post

Why Apps are Moving to latest iOS versions

Snapchat IOS 9.3.5

As You Know that Most of App store which are available for iOS 8 or 9.3.5 which are currently moving to the latest iOS versions like Twitter so Why Apps are moving to the latest versions you need to know that apps requires update on updates apps were bugs to be fixed and expanding features to the app and improving the overall performance of the apps
Adding features to the Apps sometimes requires latest version of iOS if you give just an example if you used WhatsApp on iPhone 4 you may noticed that WhatsApp for Web is not available for the iPhone 4 but available for iPhone 6 and WhatsApp not support for iOS 6.1.6 hopefully for iPhone 4s still be able to install most of the App Store Apps Including Snapchat

How to Install Snapchat iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5 Right Now

You need first iTunes Windows or Mac which requires In Order to go with without jailbreak
First install it
Login with
After Login Search for snapchat
Now go to download
And pause it on 1MB or you can full Download but not need 
Now moved back to Your iPhone 4s
Go To Snapchat 
Install Now as Download icon now visible 

snapchat iOS 9.3.5 Snap1

Now You can see that there is compatibility version is present to download
snapchat iOS 9.3.5 Snap2
Go and simply download & Install it
snapchat iOS 9.3.5 Snap3
You are done
Working snapchat iOS 9.3.5

Ajay Sharma