How to install Snapchat for iOS 9.3.6 iPhone 4s without Jailbreak

As we shared previously about the Twitter on iPhone 4s which currently requires iOS 10 also Netflix for iOS 9.3.5 Right now where we Installed earlier if we looked out for the Snapchat for the iOS 9.3.6 which is no longer available you must have a iOS 10 In order to install the Snapchat for iPhone 4s so it doesn’t mean you can’t able to install Snapchat for iOS 9.3.6 without having jailbreak This method works to install Snapchat for iOS 9.3.6 You can easily able to download Snapchat on iOS 9.3.6

Why There is No Jailbreak is Needed to Install Snapchat

So there is obvious you can’t able to install Snapchat so it doesn’t mean you can’t able to Install Snapchat on Your iPhone 4s as we done it to our iPhone 4s and it Installing in now in 2020 then if doesn’t mean it will continue support in future so we can’t says how long it will support to iOS 9.3.6 so on

When Snapchat left support for iOS 9.3.6

We Need to Know to Know that as already told you that we can’t say how long will support iOS 9.3.6 as it doesn’t mean if you install will work fine while i found that in 2020 iPhone 4s is laggy and while using it iPhone heat don’t know why hope there is issue with firmware due to getting old and already listed out obsolete by Apple

How to Install Snapchat iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.6 Right Now

As you already aware about iOS 9.3.6 no longer a last update for iPhone 4s which is now 9.3.6 so but however earlier we can able to install it but right now we can’t but there is way to downlaod it right now

if You not Installed earlier, Install Old Apps for iPhone

if you experiance this error however you installed before so you are not alone

Unable to Install Snapchat
Unable to Install Snapchat

here how you can fix it

go to your purchase list

Find Snapchat and

Snapchat on Purchase list
Snapchat on Purchase list

Tap to Download

Snapchat iOS 9 Compatible
Snapchat iOS 9 Compatible

Go and simply download & Install it

snapchat iOS 9.3.5 Snap3

You are done

Working snapchat iOS 9.3.5

So this how we Installed

Can you Get Snapchat on iPhone 4s

Yes You can do so right now but how longer we don’t know

Snapchat Will Work iPhone on My iPhone 4s

Yes it Works For Sure

Does it support all filters

there is few filters supported

Will it Support in Future

There is no timeline as you need to know you are installing last compatible one not the latest one

When Support End

As We don’t know when it left support but hopefully soon we can see

Ajay Sharma

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