How to install Lineage Os OTA Update Right Now if available

How to install Lineage Os OTA Update Right Now if available

If you are installed Lineage Os into your Phone and want to update your Lineage OS Version then  you should know that that there is easy to possible to do this No any extra things you need to do in this post we will show how you can be able to update your Lineage OS update right from your Phone there is no need to download manually in PC or Mac however you can also do with manually but one issue you face if you install the OS then you find that there is pre-installed Apps are Gone you do with that or if here is the list of Lineage OS 

Things you should know before download

Are you currently using a Nexus 5 or 4 Device’s you know that there something going wrong with Lineage if you getting Stock updates from Google you got the Patch updates which are smaller in Size while it comes to update Lineage OS you need to Download bunch of the Package Yes ! you heard right the Whole Package no matter it was security updates here is clear that updates are big in size which means there is time take to download

Most of Phones Run OEM Provided which means the update is on OEM they will provide Update particular Devices Like One Plus, LG , Samsung but in the case of Lineage OS if update available you will notified into your System Update Panel Lineage Currently Supports with Major Phone. If there is Lineage OS update available so you need to Download first which are really Big in Size    

Don’t worry at all just download the package first if you are installing Lineage for the first time you need first install Proper Lineage OS Manually


How to install Right Now

Now the update how to do that in order to update your Lineage OS you need go to updater of your Lineage OS so where to find the updater like Stock Android Device Go to about>phone>System>Update  Here is image is Given you can check over here

If there is any update is there you will be find that there is update is available to Download 

you need to simply wait until the Update download might be takes time to download normal then usual so you need to be patient

When the updates are download proper now apply update
Note that

One issue might you have been facing if there is problem after downloading the update your TWRP recovery not 

means you need to updated you TWRP Recovery right now

After you try updating you will automatically open to your Recovery you not need to do anything it will done automated so don’t do anything just leave after

Then you will find your Lineage OS Finally Updated  
If there is an issue while updating the Lineage  

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