How to Install iPhone 3gs iOS 7 in 2018 Possible ?

How to Install iPhone 3Gs iOS 7 in 2018 Possible ?

As older iPhone not getting the latest iOS to their device like most of you are not getting iOS 7 into your iPhone 3gs Does it mandatory to upgrade to the latest iPhone for the getting the latest iOS version to your new iPhone I know you are suffering with the same things can you able to install iPhone 3gs iOS 7 in 2018

Things you need to remember

In this post we tell why your Is iPhone is compatible for iOS 7 or not if someone truly ask me that is iPhone 3Gs get iOS 7 or not so Honestly there is no iOS 7 for the iPhone 3gs While you are using iPhone 3gs you need to know that your iPhone has to older in 2018 Right now we all know that Apple releases New iPhone every Year with the latest version of iOS version and with the upgraded hardware e.g Recently launched iPhone X and the iPhone 8 with the iOS 11
If you know that iPhone 4 is compatible for the iOS 7 you may know the reason behind of it so lets compare the specs with both of them with IPhone 3gs and iPhone 4 you get an idea 
Key Spec
iPhone 3gs
  • Year of Availability                            2009
  • Processor                                            600 MHz Single Core
  • RAM                                                   256 MB
iPhone 4
  • Year of Availability                     2010
  • Processor                                     A4  Chip  1 GHz Single Core
  • RAM                                              512 MB
While You Seen that Many of You say that it possible with Jailbreak tweaks so  Tweaks only can add few features but not exactly upgraded you to iOS 7  
One of the lack of the iPhone 3Gs is its Runs on 256 MB of RAM and having 600 MHz single core processor while iPhone 4 Running right now with A4 1 Ghz of single core processor while this is the main reason why iPhone 3gs not compatible for iOS 7 coz in order to run iOS 7 needs more RAM and Processing Power but the iPhone 3gs not meet the criteria even we can think of it
If you are thinking this issue only happens with the iPhone 3gs then you are wrong You May know the Newest iOS version includes tons of new improvements to iOS and there new iOS features included to the iOS while new iOS 11 brings lot more new features to the iOS 11 while this features only available to those who upgraded to the iOS 11 but Did you know that current iOS 11 not compatible device including iPhone 5 and 5c
You simply Say that it was and hardware limitation Yes ! The Current iOS 11 requires a 64 bit System which truly not possible devices like iPhone 5 and 5c   
I think you may know why your iPhone 3gs is not compatible for the iOS 7