How to Install Google Assistant on iPhone 4S,5,5C,5S,6,6s,7 and 7 Plus without Jailbreak

How to Install Google Assistant on Any iPhone without Jailbreak 

Google Assistant right now available for both platform Android and iOS and really there is no need to jailbreak for Google Assistant. Earlier its available for Android and PC and Mac user also can Access Google Assistant. Google earlier Announced that they working on iOS to Bring Google Assistant to iOS. Google is Personal Assistant it works after setting up

Google Assistant Similar with iOS also Google Assistant will Assist like An Personal Assistant like SIRI  So how you will Get Google Assistant into your iPhone in order to install Google Assistant you need few things before you go for
Things You Know before Install Google Assistant
Google Assistant Now Perfectly working to iOS now earlier the Roll-out pending but now available You need to know that your iOS must be 9.1 later otherwise you cannot be able to install Google Assistant to your iPhone but those who currently using iOS 8 they need to be satisfied with SIRI. Google Assistant perfectly working on iPhone 4S,5,5C,5S,6,6s,7 and 7 Plus   
Note That
Older iPhone like iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G and 3GS cannot be able to install Google Assistant these phone right now old if you want to use Google Assistant in your iPhone so need to upgrade your iPhone to new One
How to Install Google Assistant Right Now
You Can Install with two methods directly with iPhone or you take use of iTunes 
With iPhone
First you Need to Go App Store
Now Simply Search on iPhone “Google Assistant”
Now Download and Install it
After Download
Setup Your Google Assistant in your iPhone   
Or You can Download with iTunes  
Go to iTunes
Search for “Google Assistant” in iTunes’s App Store
Download Google Assistant
Connect Your iPhone
Select App
Now Install.
You are Done
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