How To identify Songs in Playing Background Within Instagram Reels iPhone/iPad

You use Instagram a lot and watch reels very often and you want to know that which song is playing in the background when you watch some reals some of the reels show which song is playing but sometimes you will notice that songs are not showing how to identify background music playing in Instagram reels

Basically, we are going to use Shazam to identify Songs but we don’t minimize the app or close the app to try to Shazam with other iPhones we use our iPhone within the reels playing

Why do identify the background music on Instagram?

I experience that while watching the Instagram reels you will notice that in most of the real find that the music is already listed but when it comes to some of the reels which do not show any songs playing background then it’s hard to identify which songs playing background so we required to Shazam all we do is we identify it without minimizing your app no need any other phones you do with your iPhone itself

you can use it with your iPhone 6 and later iPhone I also tried it on iPhone 13 as well

How To identify Songs Playing in the Background in Instagram Reals Within App

I know many of you already installed Shazam you are playing it on different devices and you try to identify it with your iPhone but no need to do this thing while watching reels no need to actually minimise the app or exit the app so in order to do this thing you have to add Shazam on your control centre after adding Shazam on your control Centre you will be able to identify songs without letting your app minimised or closed

To add Shazam to your control Centre for you to go to your settings

 find control centre

 Add Shazam

 and you will find it Added to Control Centre

 Let’s try to test it to identify the song

 start playing

 open the control centre and tap on this Shazam

 so it starts identifying the song

 and you will be notified within the app or check your lock screen

 and if you have a subscription to Apple Music you can also play it full on

so this is how you can easily able to identify the songs playing background on Instagram by using Shazam or you can also try with other phones to identify but personally, I used this which is really fast to identify not only in Instagram reels any songs playing on your iPhone