How to hide or Disable Whatsapp Status Feature

How to hide or Disable Whatsapp Status Feature

How to hide or Disable Whatsapp Status Feature

Whatsapp now on it new version well Whatsapp recently changes it features and included the the whole new whatsapp status features if you are using snapchat into your ios or android you notice that the New Whatsapp Status has launched earlier in snapchat well after we know can able to see the
What this features bring to us so how to hide or Disable Whatsapp Status Feature

Well if you update your Whatsapp status earlier you remember that you are posing your status in text version but whole changes while the new update hit on Whatsapp the Major changes that included with this you can now showcase your friend with GIF and images and Video Status as normally is going disappear after 24 hours.

User’s Options

Well I used it looks quiet cool the interface of it normally the Contact was disappear from upper site but sending Msg to your contact you need to manually send msg to the person you want to send by simply Doing contact flashes left at bottom but who are using a while Whatsapp they don,t like so much the new interface of it one reason behind of it the create people to confuse

If you are really not like the interface you have to downgrade  right now there is not special treatment  for this

But if you have the Root permission into your phone than you should right now can be able to do this without doing any downgrade


You have to install Root Explorer or ES File Explorer than, 
Open ‘/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp_preference.xml
You need to use Shared preference
Now edit what Sapp preference
Select com.whatsapp_preferrence’
Than change the value of :Status mode, 1 from 0

Make Sure do the value 1 to 0 do this before force stopping Whatsapp 

This Works Great and if not works you can let us know what you experince comment below     

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