How to Get Portrait mode on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X/5/4/4A/5A

How to Get Portrait mode on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X/5/4/4A/5A

When it Comes to Portrait Mode on Redmi Note 4/4X/5/4/4A/5A so it not that hard to enable I tested on Redmi Note 5,4 and 4A/5A You won’t believe that amazing result while capturing portrait photos on this phones but reality is that there is no portrait mode yet to be release hopefully in future updates we can see but right now so How you get Portrait mode on your Xiaomi Redmi note 5/5A or any snapdragon powered Device

Thanks for the XDA Developer and obviously to Flex1911 and  AridaneAM for the this  

Currently we don’t know when it going to be launch but if you want to install it right now you can proceed with us

Did Potrait Mode Really Works in This Xiaomi Redmi Phones
Answer is Yes,

I tried Installed on My Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and 5A Surprisingly Results Are Just Aswm

You can see below



While Using this app crashes sometime and it tkes time to process the Portrait Photos You need to wait for the Photos and capturing from Front don’t give accurate portrait images as it blur the image also as I mention that this works great on my Phone and it works your Phone to In This will Tell How You can easily able to get the Portrait mode On Your Xiaomi

But Before We Process to capture the portrait photos we needed these things to be done including root on Xiaomi Phone

How to Install Portrait Mode On Your Xiaomi Phone

Hopefully you done Backup Unlock bootloader, Flash TWRP Recovery,


You needed to boot to your Recovery,

You Can boot from Pressing Simutioaty to Volume + and Power button

Or If You are using MIUI then You can go with About Phone-System Update-Left Three dots(As Shown In the Image)


You can also Boot Using Command but Must have Android Debugging Enabled

Press Window+R Button at same time

Now on RUN Type CMD

First Check if Device Listed

Type “Adb reboot recovery” 

(Your Device Reboot to Recovery)


Thereafter Successfully Rebooting to Recovery

Note That : We are not responsible for any damages you are own responsible for doing this Read ourDisclaimer

In Order to Get Portrait Mode You Need to downlaod 

Simply Install it From your Recovery

You are done to use Portrait Mode

After Flashing Camera to API stock Camera Won’t Work

How to Use Stock Camera back

As We Don’t recommend you’re to Directly Flash Camera to API coz if you flashed Camera to API then You cannot able to use Stock Camera but if you installed using Magisk You can disable/enable Camera to API to Use stock camera again

Here, How You can use Magisk to get back to Stock camera

See, How to Install Magisk on Your Android 

Google camera is open currently

Now Next on Magisk disable camera to API and reboot

Now you can see that Google Camera Not Responding and Stock camera start works

Hopefully You Understand how to get Portrait Mode on Redmi Note 4/4X/5/4/4A/5A 

If You have still any issue please do comment belowSource