How to get Back Old style Notifications on iOS 16

The notification on iOS 16 it’s quite amazing and it looks very great as the notification comes from the bottom For me it looks great from the previous iOS 15 where I am using iPhone 7 and it looks so bulky However for some users if you still want to get back to the IOS 15 style notification you can do it right now and this post I will share How to get back to the all styles notification iOS 16

It depends upon you for me iOS 16 notification style is quite great as the notification comes from the bottom however if you still want to get back to the previous one which is still great for some people for my recommendation, you should use the iOS 16 notification style

Things you need to know about the notification style on iOS 16 

I Have been using iPhones for a very long time and I know the notification on iPhone is good but sometimes the bundle notification not looks so great so in iOS 16 it quite changed and looks so amazing as notifications do not hold most of the screen earlier than you can experience it always takes the most of screen with bundle notifications

You can set different types of notifications for the lock screen which I mentioned below

So, There are Three types of Notifaction you get in iOS 16 you can use

Count: On Count the notification you can check how many notifications is pending check and it usually shows as count eg if you receive two notification it will show two notification when you tap on the court it will display all the notification on the lock screen

Stack: In this notifications are stacked at the bottom when you tap on the screen it will show all the notification

List: On the list, tapping the notification will show it unstack means you can check the notification with the old style as a list view on your iPhone

Usually depend upon you which notification type you want to choose for your lock screen

How to get back to the old style notification on iOS 16

To get back to the old-style notification on your iPhone you need to go to your iPhone

and check the notification

as you see different types of views like account count, stack, and view

you can do is go to List View and

it will show the list view again 

So this is how you can change the notification style of the lock screen of your iPhone

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