Fix iOS 17 Weather Widget Not Working on iPhone/iPad [10 Ways]

On the weather widget, you found weather related to your local area it will show up and update the same depending on the condition of your location but sometimes you will find that it won’t work so why does this even happen to you there are a lot of factors responsible which you need to fix on your iPhone and iPad

no matter which iPhone or iPad you are using but if you are unable to fix the weather widget I am going to share the exact way how you can fix the weather Widget

Things you need to know about the Weather Widget

The weather widget is the best thing you can find on iPhone and iPad that automatically update the weather information of your local area so that you can have an idea about the weather condition of your location I often use this feature on my iPhone and I find that this widget is helpful

First, you must Wheather Widgets Enable on your iPhone

Ao add this visit all you need to go to your iPhone

Tab on the home screen you will find the + icon

all you need to check for the weather widget

and after that find just click and save it

Fix iOS 17 weather widget not working

As I already mentioned there are multiple reasons why you find that your weather is not updating this is up to you what settings have you done on your iPhone or iPad I have done this in the past and found this thing not working which I mentioned below make sure you check these things and do accordingly

The first thing you can do is

Turn off the background Refresh: When you turn off the background refresh on your iPhone most of the time it stops refreshing the background activity on your iPhone due to its draining battery if your battery health drops so try to enable the background refresh

Go to Seetings>Genreal>Background App Refresh

Turn on location Settings: if you Already Turned on the background Refresh and found that still it’s not updating then again there is a problem with your location services which may turn off by simply enabling it on your privacy settings

Go to Setings>Privacy & Security>

Turn off the low-power mode: When your iPhone is in Low Power mode it stops fetching background activity like emails, background apps, and automatic downloads so keep your battery in default condition don’t turn on low-power mode

Go to Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode

Remove and Re-Add Wheather Widget: Remove the Wheather Widget on your iPhone and try to Add it again to your iPhone

try to uninstall the weather App: If you find that even if turning off the low power mode does not work then the next thing you can do is just uninstall the weather widget in your iPhone may it can help you to fix the issue

update location on Widget Manually: You can check the location settings within the widget all you have to press hold it and check for the edit the location you will find that it now shows the weather details

try to restart your iPhone or iPad: Next, you can try to restart your iPhone your issue will be fixed as most of the time it’s fixed the same

Update your iPhone if Available: You can also try to update your iPhone if any update is pending like if you are using any iPhone or iPad e.g. if you are updated with iOS 17 then the current update will be iOS 17.0.2 update the same

Allow Location on Weather App: Most of know that after removing the app you just do not open it again so you need to open and check if it is required to allow the location request if available

Allow Widget to update location: one of the major reasons why most of you don’t find any location showing on your lock screen or updating due you need to allow for the widget as well it will update it after 15 minutes to show you the up to date information

so this is how you can able to fix your weather widget not working on your iPhone I found that it mostly depends on your location services if it’s enabled that is most probably your location issues

So, this is how you can fix weather widget not working iOS 17

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