How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Up Not Showing Up in 8 Ways

Are you listening to Spotify and you want to view your last year’s listening I know that you can do it can see what are your top listening songs as I found out for myself and is working a great way however if you think that Spotify wrapped up this not showing on your iPhone so what could be the reason and how you can sex this out to showcase on your iPhone

Why Spotify Wrapped Up is not showing up on your iPhone

Most of the time you will find the wrapped up automatically on your dashboard but for some, you might be unable to find Spotify wrapped up on your iPhone so it doesn’t mean that you can’t view and play it all I shared the ways you will find out your wrapped up

What are the ways we can fix Spotify Wrapped?

Close Your App: The first thing you can do is close your app especially If you are using it on your iPhone and iPad if there is any issue it will start at the refresh your library which is on the home dashboard  so It may go to fix if it’s not showing on your dashboard however it doesn’t mean that you can get in your Spotify dashboard

Restart Your iPhone: Next, you can do it restart your iPhone after restarting try to open Spotify app again more likely you will find that Spotify wrapped may show up and if still, the playlist is not showing up on your Spotify dashboard or in your profile then you can next do is

Update The App: Most of us live on a mobile network so chances are that your App me not be updated The first solution you can do his try to update your Spotify app You can update with Wi-Fi or you can also update with your mobile data make sure your Spotify app has been up did it to the latest you can same do with your iPhone and iPad as well

Sign out and Relogin: If you think that you still not getting the Spotify wrapped showing on your home dashboard then you can also sign out on your iPhone and Re-login in your iPhone I Hope this will fix the issue has ever it doesn’t mean that it will be fixed then you can try next step

Try it out on different devices: You can also try to log in with your other devices If you are using a phone or you have an iPad try to log in to two other devices might the issue will be fixed. However, I still have not fixed it yet Next you can do is

Clear the Spotify cache: If you still have not found it again on your dashboard then you can try to clear your Spotify catch sometimes after clearing the catch most probably chances that wrapped will show up on your dashboard

Update your iPhone: You can also try to update your iPhone if your iPhone shows any update you should consider updating that for example if you are on IOS 16.5 and shows iOS 16.6 update you should update after restarting the app Android out 

Manually Find on Search Tab: One last thing you can do if it’s not showing on your Spotify dashboard you can manually find it on the Spotify search “Spotify Wrapped” tab We just have to type Spotify Wrapped and it will show you the playlist of the top and you will find that it will start showing as a playlist best thing you can do it had this playlist on your profile

Or if you didn’t use it last year or you are new might you not see your last year’s top songs on your iPhone

Hope this guide will help you find out Spotify Wrapped up