How to Fix Red Eye in Photos on iPhone 7(2023)

I know you capture photos a lot on your iPhone and sometimes you find that in your photos red eye or a white spot appears it may be due to the light condition or something else but most of the time when you take any photo from your iPhone Red Eye appeasers in the photo due to many conditions I feel when I use flash so much may be the reason so how to fix Red eye on iPhone 7

but the best part is we can fix the red eye on your iPhone with no need to do anything so in order to fix the red eye in your iPhone which iPhone you are using iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 no matter which iPhone is you can still able to remove the red eye

things you need to know about the Red Eye

while capturing photos red eye is sometimes common for many of you even sometimes I find when I captured the image and I click it on the flashlight sometimes it shows Red Eye or if you captured the same photo with another iPhone and you may not find red eye then this quite look bad and you just left sharing your photos to Facebook or Instagram or even on WhatsApp

Me, I capture lots of photos I use red eye remover on my iPhone which helps me to get rid of red eye and this not only works on iPhone 7 but also working iPhone XR

Fix Red Eye from our iPhone 7

removing red eye on iPhone is quite simple you have to take your picture or whatever image you see Red Eye click so not only your captured photos you can use it other photos that someone sends to you all you have to do is pick a photo

on the edit, you will find there is an eye icon

you will find on the top all you have to click that image and have to that point out it to the eyes

and it will remove the redness in your Eyes

after doing that you will find the red eyes quite fixed

so this is the way you can remove the red eye on iPhone

So this is how you can able to remove red eye from your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus