How to Fix Cydia prefernceloader iOS 12 and later

Just Jailbreak your iPhone and you won’t able to use tweaks into your iPhone and being frustrated and finding solution how to fix the Cydia’s Prefernceloader issue so this happend with my iPhone 5s which can’t able to install tweaks or if your tweaks not works than this will helpful for you

What is Prefernceloader

Prefernceloader allows developers to add entries on settings but in my case its missing on my iphone’s so first you requires to have this otherwise the tweaks won’t work if your tweaks installed and not working this is common issue of many of you even i faced to but the thing is that it can be fixed right now

Do I Need to Re-jailbreak

I don’t think you go for jailbreak again due it takes time to again to jailbreak which is time consuming so you won’t need to again jailbreak your iPhone as it can be done with cydia so don’t need to do that

How to fix Prefernceloader on My iPhone

In Order to fix Prefenceloader you to add repo to your iPhone first which fix the issue and you can now install tweaks and use jailbreak tweaks again

first you need to Add the repo

after it takes to complete

than you can able to install the tweaks