How to Fix Android Bug before Flashing Lineage OS Few Things to Follow

How to Fix Android Bug before Flashing Lineage OS Few Things to Follow

This was for all who currently facing the Bug while Flashing Lineage OS

I Personally use Moto e codename Condor which currently running smooth Lineage OS of 14.1 Android Nougat version so earlier if you used Cynogenmod you notice the OTA updates are being same as we currently getting on Moto E now there is no official update Android Nougat Push by Moto yet last update which is currently running Android Lolipop

If you  trying flashing Lineage OS but you can,t be to perform  I know you are experiencing few issue of Android Bugs which I got while installing same but I overcome to fix this issue while installing into my Moto E. In this post we will cover problem’s which you might experience while flashing Lineage OS

Things you may know while installing the Lineage OS into your phone   

Firstly before you Jump to install you might won’t care this things which causes sometime brick of boot Loop into your phone

Mostly common steps which is to proper but few of you mistake while doing this

Unlocking the OEM of your Phone : One of the common mistake if you want to flash any kind of OS rather you need to Root stuffs needs your Device must have unlocked boot loader the Stock recovery won’t able able install Lineage OS Package so you need firstly to Unlock your OEM

We recommended while performing OEM unlocking be patient 

Secondly The Recovery wasn’t up to Date : Why this needs actually ? So this needs need actually if you trying flashing Lineage OS while sometimes you got a error massage in your Moto E which may lied sometime “This issue was experience by me when I start flashing I got tons of error I download different version of Lineage OS but at last decided to update the Recovery cynogenmod to TWRP which really works thereafter I have experience no error simply done well


(Detail Guide of Flashing TWRP Recovery)
Faultily Lineage OS Package : Faulty? Why this termed I used over here sometimes you got package which actually not suitable for Moto E but Still you download the same which sometime brick your Device 
All Device Have different code names which not smiller to any device kindly Don’t do any experiment while Flashing the OS


(Official Download Links )

Half Download of Package : Well Might you not experience this but I experience I download the same package but firstly package was half downloaded and another was fully download both on my SD card but mistakenly I flash the first one the installation was on progress but I wait until whole night it wasn,t compete this effect on my Device which was stuck on boot loop but I Got recovered coz I was take fully backup before

Root : Root is Actually not require while flashing Lineage OS not even required flashing Recovery it require to use Rooted Apps but there is no issue if you Rooted 


(Detail Steps of Rooting

but if wanted a smooth and leg free Lineage OS then please Don,t Root 
At last

Before you try to flash one more thing might coz you however you fully downloaded the package

Yes! Might coz

We recommended if you download the file for confirmation file is working well or not kindly check it fully extracting or not if not do not install try downloading the previous updates

Still you got stuck on somewhere in installation

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Ajay Sharma

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