How to Enable & Fix Battery Percentage in Statusbar on iPhone

When it comes to the battery we know that having battery percentage on the status bar always reminds us how much battery consumed and this can be helpful for any person for me itself I used it very frequently manner so I can understand how much battery I consumed in my iPhone and it also reminds me when I have to chat because if it’s going down to 20% I literally connect my iPhone to the charger

So if you are looking same to enable the battery percentage on your status bar in the iPhone then in this post I will tell you how you can exactly able to enable the battery percentage on your status bar

Things you need to know about the battery percentage in the status bar

Battery percentage on the status bar squad a good feature when it comes to enabling on your iPhone its works with iPhone X or iPhone XR and later iPhones but earlier it wasn’t available it launched feature will work for sure but I don’t know why iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus does not work this feature also if you try out with other iPhone like iPhone 7 plus this feature will also not work due to its required iOS 16

 and it doesn’t mean that it will work I was 16 because if you are using iPhone so like iPhone 8 8 plus due to the size of the phone I don’t know why but this feature will not work on iPhone 8 in 8 Plus to use this feature you need at least iPhone 10

How to Enable Battery Percentage on the status bar in my iPhone

To enable battery percentage on your status bar you first have to check what iPhone you are using If you are using iPhone XR and later iPhone then you can enable it all you have to go to your battery settings in your iPhone

you will find To enable the battery percentage on your iPhone 

and after enabling that you can see there is a battery percentage showing right above the status bar in the battery icon

Battery percentage is not showing on the status bar on my iPhone

There are multiple reasons why the battery percentage is not showing on your iPhone so these additional things you can try out to fix this out

First, make sure iPhone is compatible: This feature is first not available when it comes with iOS 16 however after that it works on almost all iPhones including the mini models but if you thinking about iPhone 8,8 Plus, SE 2020 will not work

Make sure iPhone runs at least iOS 16.1: As already discussed that this will not work on iPhones like iPhone XR or 11 that still have iOS 16 all you require is iOS 16.1 and later make sure you installed it

I don’t think you need to do anything else to enable it if still does not work try restarting your iPhone will work for sure

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