How to download Psiphon Browser in iOS 7.1.2

How to download Psiphon Browser in iOS 7.1.2

In This Post we Will Tell You how How to download Psiphon Browser in iOS 7.1.2 In order to download Psiphon Browser in Your iOS 7.1.2 you need to know that you can able to download but somehow it won’t work out for few of us because psiphon right now upgraded to the iOS 8 and its normal that you see warning that Psiphon upgraded to iOS 8 and in order to download you need iOS 8 but really is possible to download it   

Few of Apps are currently support the iPhone 4 as but no longer support basic apps nowadays and you need to understand it also not qualify for the iOS 8 and there is no iOS 8 Beta available for the iPhone 4 and there is no way to download iOS 8 but apps can still able to download

Things to know about Phishon Browser

Psiphon is Primly A VPN that can be used in iOS there is tons of VPN,s out there but lack is that they longer supports for the iOS 7.1.2 right now but this still supports iPhone 4 until now so if you finding to download it but cannot able to download it right now so How to download Psiphon Browser in iOS 7.1.2

In this post we will tell the exact way to download to any app which are upgraded to iOS 8 Apps only but issue with iOS 9 apps that are upgraded most of the apps are not compatibility for the iPhone 4 only few apps supports like true caller  still support of iPhone 4 but you need to download it with compatibility mode you can able to download 

Snapchat iOS 7.1.2
Tinder iOS 7.1.2
Instagram iOS 7.1.2
Checkout this Video First

If you don,t know how to do this don’t worry

How to download Psiphon Browser in iOS 7.1.2 right now

As You know that iPhone 4 supports iOS 8 apps unitl now but requires download it with compatible way what if not this compatible mode not works don’t worry but this require extra effort you need to jailbreak in order to do that

However exactly this way makes more apps to download in iPhone 4 firmware but not guarantee that all apps works in your iPhone but few apps work so how to download right now
What you need before start it You need a jail broken device 

Jailbreak your iPhone

Without Computer

With Computer

Ah! Finally now we need to download a Appstore alternative called appcake

Checkout here how to download it

Then Go Cydia

Add Repo

Then also install App Sync

Install Appcake

Open Appcake

Now Search App you want to download


In this you can download most of apps but there is chances that few apps won’t install      

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