How to Download Linage OS And install it Right Now

How to Download Linage OS And install it Right Now

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How can Get

Should you install


List of Device and Download links 




In this post you will know how to flash Any Device which currently support lineage OS can be easily flash Right now we showcase you in-depth how to flash Lineage OS Right now Hey are you using Android and you are love customization than Linage Best for you so, how to Download and install Linage OS Right Now as now there no any update to the cyanogenmod ether no support from the cyanogenmod team but they build a new kind of may be a conversion or you called the upgraded version of the Linage OS? When you go deep inside you know that Linage is now it was a modified version called the cyanogenmod


How Can get this

If you are previusaly using Cyanogenmod that means you can be able to install the Linage OS Right now but you need to know that upcoming build support Right Now the Android Naught so that means linage OS coming with Android Nougat and may be coming more update as we think that it was should going to be next update also for now

Should you install it

One of the Basic question should you have to install it or not so, maybe if the earlier version of CyanogenMod especially the CyanogenMod 14 or the 14.1 run smooth on your device that means yes! You can be able to install the linage OS into your phone by simply flashing the Rom directly to your Device.

The availability

Linage OS right now only supports with current device like Asus Zenfone Lazar, Nexus 6P and other Devices.
Does any changes to installing linage OS
If you think that it was changed so No all those process that are used in install the Cyanogenmod same you have to do with the Linage OS

Here are download link of following

You choose which One is you are using downlaod it first



Honor 4/4x(cherry)

When you download the linage now


Android2techpreview is not responsible for any damages you are doing with your own Risk

Before You go to Flash the Linage Os you should do these things cause sometimes causes brick

  • Take a Full backup of your device like Contacts, Message
  • Charge at least 70% low battery should be dangerous while flashing
  • Now To upper Links For the download
  • Download the Linage OS with your PC or your Android
  • Make sure that Flashable Zip requires on SD
  • Few things if you are doing it first time
Your Device Need Root if you don’t know how to root your Device you can check out from here it can help you it rooting

Now when the Rooting is completed one more thing requires a custom Bootable Recovery

See, how to Flash TWRP or cynogenmod  Bootable Recovery 

  • (Note that after unlocking Boot-loader flashing Recovery and rooting the flashing process is same in any devices Here we show you a demo which can be same used to flash with any Device no matters which but should be provided in list upper 

    Boot your Device into Recovery (Pressing Volume Up+ Power) or you can Boot your Recovery with ADB fastboot
    By Volume Up+ Power Button
    Type Command “adb reboot bootloader”(Make Sure USB debugging is On)
    ADB Method

    Now you Booted into Recovery

    First take wipe you data cache dalvik

    Make sure placed ROM into SD card
    Find Lineage OS file.Zip


    Now Flash it

    Wait until it takes Flashing
    Next the GApps
    Why install GApps while Flashing Lineage OS
    GApps is collection of Stock Google App that require in order to properly Run device if you are using a Custom ROM like Lineage or Cyanogenmod  if you not flashed GApps you are not able to watch YouTube like Services also You Cannot even able to Download Google Play Store Apps So kindly flash After Flashing the Lineage OS or Any Custom ROMS You should have to flash the earlier download GApps make sure downloaded before now after placing into your SD flash it same
    If any issue occurs while flashing GApps it basically happens with the insufficient storage in your device so prevent this issue make sure you flash the Pico version of the GApps After successfully Flashed GApps now you properly Flashed Lineage OS

    Finally Reboot

    Oh Yeah..

    You are Booted in Lineage OS Welcome Setup Here


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