How to download free android apps on pc with Google Play

How to download free android apps on pc with Google Play

Play Store Won’t allow to download the Apps on your PC directly it works well when your Android Device connected with the Internet  so you can able to download the Android Apps right from your Pc without using your Smartphone well yes it is possible to download the Android Apps right from your PC

How to Download the Android APP from PC


So, this would be worked when the Android Device connected the internet otherwise this won’t work but if you device have no internet so disappoint it would work so make sure you have a working internet connection one of the basic thing is required to download the Apps  over the Google Play store PC or the Android You Need a Google Account without a google Account you won’t be able to use the Any Google Service and it applies Google Play store before move on you should create a Google Account.

Well, I think you create a Google Account now forwarding to the Next step you have to follow right from your PC or you have already have a Google Account than now we have to go next
Just Go to Google Play Store Form PC


When you are in the Page of the Google Play Store Now you have to sign in the Account Just Created so now time to sign in by simply typing your user name and password

When you signed in on the google Play Store an sign in now you can choose what application you want to download you can able to download by categories or you can download apps using the Search bar when you are going to install now

Follow this

When you just Tap on install Button from the Play Store than a pop-up will came out on your screen so don,t need to worry about that play store will ask you which Android device you want to install it basically asking you when your Google Account have signed in various Android Device so select any one of them


When you selected to Download over the Google Play from the PC it won’t download in your PC,s Hard drive it automatically starts to download Apps which you have been selected if doing this not works so means you have to
Fix this

  • Internet should work properly if your Device connected to the internet in automatically download the apps

  • Manage the Storage sometime apps won,t download when you won,t   manage the Space

So, fixing this two issue help you to download Android Apps on pc with Google Play
If this work for you so it would be great or not work feel free to share us

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