How to downgrade Your iPhone 4S iOS 9 to iOS 8 NO-SHSH-BLOBS

How to downgrade Your iPhone 4S iOS 9 to iOS 8 NO-SHSH-BLOBS

In This post we will tell you how you can easily able to downgrade your iOS 9 to 8 but this method is only works with jailbreak method we are not include un-jailbreak method so this prime for the jailbreak users and this method does not need unthreaded iOS9.3.5 To iOS8.4.1 NO SHSH BLOBS for 32 bit iPhone this can only limited to the iPhone 4S

iOS 9 comes lots more features and one of the last update for the iPhone while this iPhone running iOS 9 right now and there is no iOS 10 Apple for the iPhone 4S and this iOS 10 update is limed to the iPhone iPhone 5 and 5C and seems last update for this device not because this update brings much improvement and main reason behind there is no update for the older generation iPhone’s coz current generation device are running the 64 Bit System and older iPhone running including iPhone 4s 32 bit

Things You cannot able to do after downgrade

One of the thing is common after downgrade which you can experience no doubt that your iPhone 4S faster a bit but you are lose iOS 9 features and you cannot to use it on your iPhone in iOS 8 rather than that you cannot able use new apps on App Store which is the main lack that I ever experienced with iPhone 4 earlier

Until now what I seen in App Store that most of Apps currently support for iOS 8 firmware so its good for iPhone 4s users but worst case on iPhone 4 and older than that like iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3G for this iPhone mostly few apps are currently supports

Yes! You need to agree that however the Apps moving to latest iOS not because they developers don’t won’t allow us include older device in there update developers include more feature to the apps and it difficult to developers to give all features to the all generation iPhone   

How to Downgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 8.4.1

As You understand if you downgrade your iPhone 4s you will lose some features and can’t able latest apps so while we understand iPhone 4s on iOS 9 but its quite a bit not stable and sometimes lags while opening apps and few apps not stable so you are trying to downgrade to your iPhone 4s In Order to downgrade you need to jailbreak otherwise you cannot able to downgrade
Let’s start downgrade


Go to Cydia First

Download iFile or You can go with Filza File Manager Also
Open iFile Now Go to Core service


Now Open the SystemVersion.plist

Things to Change in the SystemVersion.plist

First change the Product Name

Chaange the Value to 6.0

Now Need to Change the ProductBuildversion

Keep In Mind While Changing This if you done this wrong might be you faced in Cydia so keep do it right We are not responsible for any damages You are own responsible to doing this

First Download the IPSW file

Check the Build Version of the File

Now You done this and


Go to Setting

Now check you know see there is iOS 8.4.1 Update appears and start download   

Ajay Sharma

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