How to downgrade iPhone 7 iOS 15.7.8 iOS 15.7.7

Recently Apple released iOS 15.7.8 for the iPhone 6s iPhone 7, and 7 Plus this update is a security update so you should consider installing it on your iPhone for now however if you want to go back to iOS 15.7.7 which is kind of possible as I was 15.7.7 still signed which means you can downgrade it with iTunes

Note that: this doesn’t mean that it’s signed you can downgrade later as you all know that at some point, iOS 15.7.7 will no longer be signed in the future so that means you cannot downgrade your iPhone

Things you need to know about downgrading your iPhone 7

The first thing you need to understand is that iOS 17 is not supported by iPhone 7 so the last version of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is IOS 15 so far all you need to understand is that it is very old for now and getting security updates it’s still good for it now

if you wish to downgrade only you can downgrade otherwise it’s a security update you should consider updating but somehow you want to downgrade Back To iOS 15.7.7 you can do it For me I don’t recommend you to downgrade as its a security update so you should consider not downgrading but if you willing to do that then you can process

how to downgrade iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is 15.8 to 15.7

to downgrade iOS 15.7 in your iPhone make sure that your iPhone has enough storage and make sure your iPhone needs to be back up before doing otherwise your backup will be lost the first thing you should do is take your backup then process you can take your necessary backups like contacts photos videos kind of kinds of stuff after doing that you can process to download

 first, go to iTunes

you will be fine if you restore the option

Hold Shift and Click on Mouse

Select the IPSW file of iOS 15.7.7

next, you need to restore the version

all you done

so these are the process where you can able to downgrade your iPhone 7 to iOS 15.7.7 however as I already told you that it doesn’t mean that you can downgrade it all depends on the version if it’s not signed that means you cannot able to Downgrade your iPhone 7

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