How To Delete A Wallpaper on iOS 16 on iPhone/iPad

The lock screen has changed so far in iOS 16 compared with the previous running iOS 15 Lock screen is Rvamped like never Before Everyone like to Customize it even I spend more of my time customizing my lock screen on my iPhone to get a perfect look and its really amazing to do so

You require at least iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and later devices to use this feature so we are going to delete the wallpaper in my iPhone

Unfortunately, when it comes to the iPhone 7 and 7 plus we hoped for it that it could be the last major update for iPhone 7 but things are not going that way however iOS 16 lock screen is amazing to customize you and can be customized like a pro but as in this let’s see how you can delete the wallpapers

Things you need to know about the lock screen on iOS 16

I never customize my iPhone like iOS 16 as the customization feature we getting on iOS 16 is not available yet nor are any previous versions and that makes sense that why people loving it using it so much and customizing their iPhones I also loved Its depth effect wallpaper and this time if you try to enable the tab if fact on third party images which not working on iPhone 8,8 Plus which is disappointing

However, you can still customize various things on IOS 16 in iPhone 8 but the only thing that I miss out depth effect which is again fine due to getting iOS 16 still being a big deal for this iPhone still you can expect security updates on this

How to Delete Wallpaper on iOS 16 on iPhone

If you want to delete your wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad no matter if you are upgraded your iPhone to iOS 17 the Process is always the same all you need is to go back to your lock screen and tap for a few seconds you will find there is a customization option coming up

now you can check that all of your wallpaper customization

just swipe up any lock screen

now you will find there is a delete icon showing up on your iPhone

all you have to just click on delete after doing that you will find

your wallpaper is deleted this is how you can able to Delete any wallpaper in your iPhone/iPad