How to Create Profile in Safari on iOS 17

Did you know that in Safari you can change Profiles unlike on Google Chrome on Desktop which is usable this also works if you are using iPhone with iOS 17 or if you are on a Mac that requires macOS Sonema

I have been Profiles on Google Chrome for years I know it is quite useful for personal or work or any family member using Chrome

Things you need to know about the Profile

The profile is a great thing as I already mentioned that I have been using it for years on my PC but the thing you need to know about Safai is that profile not only works on Mac it also works on iPhone while compared to Chrome which is limited to the desktop only which means if want to create different profiles on chome in iPhone you can’t able do that

While Android is also limited to one profile only right now with iOS 17 you can create a profile on iPhone too

How to use Multiple Profiles in Safari

To use Multiple Profiles on your iPhone you need to first create the profile

To create the Profile you need to go to settings>Profile>New Profile

Choose Name

Choose Any icon and the color

and Save

To use the profile you need to open Safari tap on the tab

Click on the icon

Go to Profile and Change it to whatever profile you created

Now you have changed the profile

How to Delete Safari Profile

You can also delete the profile whenever you want to do it again you need to go to the safari profile and just delete the profile after deleting everything is going to be erased including your favorites, history, tabs

Can I able to use Safari Profile in iOS 16

if you are using iOS 16 on your iPhone so you can’t able to create and use Safari profiles all you need iPhone that supports iOS 17

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