How to Create And Send Stickers on iPhone in iOS 17

Creating stickers on iPhone it’s now very easy if you try to create them on iOS 17 I tested it out on my iPhone XR and it works very fine so if you want to create stickers on your iPhone so you can create them right now this feature is right now available on iOS 17 so make sure you have updated to iOS 17 if you did then you can you will to do that

so this means that iPhone XR and later iPhones can do it with ease however if you have iPhone X you can still do it with a different method, not like iOS 17

Things you need to know about the stickers

if you are still on iPhone 8,8 Plus or iPhone X you know that you cannot use the photo crop feature on your iPhone which requires you to do something different apps to do it I already shared how to remove the background on iPhone X using a third party app on your iPhone

using iPhone XR or later if you try to select any photo new option can be seen as “add sticker” whenever you try to tap on your iPhone on any photos and wasn’t available before in iOS 16

How to Create Stickers on Photos App

In order to create from the photos app you are required to choose any of your photos and as already discussed that you get an option for “Add to Stickers” just you have to add it and the rest mentioned below

Next, Add effects

Choose any one of them

after that, it’s done

How to make live stickers in iMessage

I know most of you want to use this thing on your iMessage and its works again flowless all you need select any of your contacts to whom you want to send the stickers as I already created the stickers using it

Open Message App

Create New Message

Now, Select the + icon

Next, Choose Stickers

Again tab on + if you want to add or use the existing one

After that choose any image

next, add a sticker

Choose the effects

Darg it one Message

Send it Now

So it this quite easy to create and send stickers on iPhone hope you can able to create live stickers for now and you can also check out other articles related to iOS 17 which we already shared

Can I able to create stickers on iPhone

Yes you can now able to create stickers by you simply pressing any photo in your photos app in iOS 17 all you required to add it

Can I use it on my iPhone X

No, you can’t able to use this as your iPhone X is running iOS 16

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